Life On Charmaine is a The Life and Times of Aya episode.


  • After seeing a Code Geass episode, Charmaine decides to wear Shirley Fenette's normal outfit. Complete with her nude tights. So she removes her normal outfit and puts on Shirley Fenette's normal outfit and her nude tights. Then she has some fun.


  • Charmaine
  • Ash (cameo)
  • Courage (cameo)
  • Jerry (cameo)


Part 1

  • (We see Charmaine watching a Code Geass episode)
  • Shirley: Well, i must remove my black high heeled pumps for a while. (removes her high heeled pumps)
  • Maddie: What did you want, Shirley?
  • Shirley: I'm not going to school for the whole 5 weeks. I'm taking a summer vacation.
  • Maddie: Yipee!
  • Charmaine: So that's what i'm going to wear. The clothes that Shirley Fenette was wearing. It consists of a pink blouse with a white miniskirt. I'm going to wear them with nude tights as well.
  • (Charmaine removes her normal clothes, takes the Shirley Fenette normal outfit and the nude tights and puts them on)
  • Charmaine: Ta-da! Perfect for me to wear these. Aww, those nude tights are adorable.
  • (Charmaine jumps to her bed and does a little exercise)
  • Charmaine: I stretch my legs up then down. I do a little handstand there. Then i finish my excercise.
  • (Charmaine sees a collection of flip flops)
  • Charmaine: A collection of these.
  • (Charmaine puts one of them on which were purple)
  • Charmaine: Perfect! They match my hair.
  • (Charmaine arrives at a garden)
  • Charmaine: Wow! All of these flowers look wonderful. I better plant and water them then when i come back they'll grow and look beautiful.
  • (Charmaine starts planting the flowers at a time lapsed speed while Ghost and Goblins music plays in the background in an 8 bit style)
  • Charmaine: Perfect! Now that they're gonna grow i shall be the most beautiful gardener of all time. Huh?
  • (Charmaine notices a bunch of bees buzzing around, building a honeycomb)
  • Charmaine: If i want to build a honeycomb, then is guess it's time for me to start building it.
  • (Charmaine races to her room, puts on the bee antenna, removes her flip flops, stores them under her bed and starts building the honeycomb at a time lapsed speed while a violin version of Flight of The Bumblebee plays in the background)
  • Charmaine: There! Now i shall store them in my collection.
  • (Charmaine stores the honeycomb that she built into her collection and removes the bee antenna)
  • Charmaine: (giggles) Now all i had to do is play around while wearing cat ears.
  • (Charmaine puts on the cat ears, jumps to her bed and starts meowing)
  • Charmaine: Meow! Meow! Meow!
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We see Charmaine relaxing on her bed)
  • Charmaine: Purr! That's my job to be a cute cat.
  • (Charmaine notices her feet were worn out)
  • Charmaine: My feet! I better massage them quick.
  • (Charmaine massages her nyloned feet)
  • Charmaine: That's better. Now to play a song with my guitar.
  • (Charmaine picks up the guitar and starts playing it)
  • Charmaine: (singing) Someone may know the better place i could. Someone may know the really wonderful job.
  • (Charmaine's pet cat, Fluffy, hears the song and dances to the beat)
  • Charmaine: (stops playing the guitar and sees Fluffy) Hey! What are doing, Fluffy?
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: You want to be friends with me?
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: Oh, Fluffy! I love you!
  • (Later, Charmaine is reading a story)
  • Charmaine: The little princess get herself up and beats back the dragon.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: What's going on, Fluffy? Huh? (gasps) My room! It's been a total disaster there are stuffed toys and plushes all over. What am i gonna do?
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: You were right, Fluffy. I really am addicted to time lapse. Well i better tidy up.
  • (Charmaine cleans up her room at a time lapsed speed while a high pitched version of the music from the first Like Mike movie plays in the background. Fluffy watches her at a normal speed)
  • Charmaine: There! All squeaky and clean.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: Fluffy, you're my loveliest cat i ever had. (hugs Fluffy) Such adorable little kitty.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: Well it's best that it's 12:00am. I better sleep with this costume on.
  • (Charmaine jumps to her bed)
  • Charmaine: Good night, fluffy.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • (End of Part 2)

Part 3

  • (We see Charmaine waking up next morning)
  • Charmaine: (yawns) What a nice night.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: What did you want, Fluffy?
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: Oh, you're so hungry. I guess it's time for your breakfast.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • (Charmaine pours the Whiskas food to Fluffy's bowl and Fluffy eats it)
  • Charmaine: You're a very nice black cat, Fluffy.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: I'm always perfect by wearing flip flops all day.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: (giggles) That's the spirit, Fluffy.
  • (later, Charmaine is reading a Candy Apple book titled Rumor Has It)
  • Charmaine: Let's see. Audrey Jones is the girl with brown hair.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: What's the matter, fluffy?
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: You wanted to be friends with me?
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: Oh, Fluffy! I love you (gives fluffy a hug) You're my adorable little cat i just wanted to.
  • Fluffy: Meow!
  • Charmaine: Aww! So adorable.
  • (Later, Charmaine is vaccuming the floor at a time lapsed speed)
  • Charmaine: I'm really fast, Fluffy. Now to organize all books.
  • (Charmaine organizes the books at a time lapsed speed)
  • Charmaine: Perfect! All organized. Last but not least tidy up all toys.
  • (Charmaine tidies up all the toys that were fallen into the floor into the box at a time lapsed speed)
  • Charmaine:

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