Life On Giselle is a Giselle's Greatest Adventures episode.


  • Giselle starts daydreaming about having fun in Shirley Fenette's normal clothes. So she puts them on and also puts them on Tori. Then they start having some fun.


  • Giselle
  • Tori


Part 1

  • (we see Giselle and Tori in her room)
  • Giselle: I wonder. If i want to wear Shirley Fenette's normal clothes, i could look very sexy.
  • Tori: We can also wear nude tights, big sister.
  • Giselle: What a great idea, Tori. Let's put them on.
  • (Giselle removes her shoes, socks and school uniform and puts on her nude tights and the Shirley Fenette normal outfit. Then she removes Tori's shoes, socks and dress and puts the nude tights and the Shirley Fenette outfit on her.)
  • Giselle: All done! Now we both look very sexy indeed, are we?
  • Tori: Right.
  • (Giselle and Tori jump to the bed)
  • Giselle: Okay, let's start. We'll do a little toe wiggle.
  • Tori: Okay.
  • (Giselle and Tori wiggle their nyloned toes)
  • Giselle: That's good. Now let's do some exercise, shall we?
  • Tori: Okay.
  • (Giselle and Tori do some exercise)
  • Giselle: That's good, now it's time to do some dancing.
  • Tori: Okay.
  • (Giselle turns on the radio as it plays the 2001 Angelina Ballerina theme and she and Tori start to dance)
  • Giselle: All right, Tori. We're doing it.
  • Tori: Oh, boy!
  • (Giselle and Tori spin around like a top)
  • Giselle: That's good, Keep it up!
  • Tori: Wee!
  • (the 2001 Angelina Ballerina theme ends as Giselle and Tori strike a pose)
  • Giselle: Yeah! (turns off the radio)
  • Tori: We did an excellent job, big sister.
  • Giselle: Aww, Tori. (gives her a big hug) I love you.
  • Tori: (laughs) I love you, big sister.
  • Giselle: Now all we wanna do is jump back to bed and play This Little Piggy, okay?
  • Tori: Okay.
  • Giselle:

Part 2

Part 3

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