Personal Information

Though not one of the initial founders of The Rising Stars, LightBlack has constantly remained loyal to the supergroup. Currently, LightBlack is a six month veteran and is the youngest founding member (real-life age). He is most well-known for his debt collection due to his haphazard play style. Alternate characters of LightBlack on the hero side include Daemonas, DaemonLight, Lord NightBlack, Lady LightMare, and Nightmare Lynn. Villain side alternate characters are limited to NecroLight and Lady Skel.

Alternates' Information

With the exception of Nightmare Lynn, all of LightBlack's hero characters are considered to be members of the same coven. LightBlack founded the coven after saving Daemonas and imbuing upon her magical powers. When a resurrection spell went awry, DaemonLight was brought back into the mortal realm where he joined the coven. With the advent of the Ouroboros system, LightBlack traveled back in time with a fellow supergroup mate who unfortunately disappeared. The relationship resulted in two children, Lord NightBlack and Lady LightMare, neither of which have their father's fire manipulation powers though Lady LightMare did inherit her mother's illusion manipulation powers.

Character Biographies as Listed in-Game

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