This is The 1st episode of Season 1 and of Lighthing McQueen the Racecar and Friends.


  • Lighing McQueen as Thomas
  • Doc Hudson as Gordon
  • Filmore as Henry (Cameo)
  • Luigi as James (Cameo)
  • Harv as Sir Topham Hatt (Cameo)
  • Leah and Lily (Made Up Charecters) as Annie and Clarabell (Cameo)


  • Narroter: Lightning Mc Queen is a racecar that Lives in America. He has four wheels, a red collor and a spoiler at the back. He is a fussy little racecar too always pulling wagons for the other cars to take out on long jorneys and when the other cars comes back, he pulls the empty wagons away so that the other cars can rest. Lighthing McQueen thinks no car works as hard as he does. He likes palying tricks on the including Doc Hudson. The biggest and proudest of the all. He likes honking rudley at him.
  • Lighthing McQueen: Wake uo Lazebone. Why dont you work hard like me.
  • Narroter: One day after pulling the big express, Doc Hudson was very tired. He was just going to sleep when Lighthing McQueen came up in his cheeky was.
  • Lighthing McQueen: Wake Up Lazybones! You cant catch me.
  • Narroter: And off the drove laughing. Istead of going to sleepi igain Doc Hudson tough how he could get back at Lighthing McQueen for teasing him. One moring Lighing McQueen wouldn't wake up. His driver and opertater couldent make him start. It was nearly time for the express. People were waiting but the wagons weren't ready. At last Lighthing McQueen started to move.
  • Lighthing McQueen: Oh Dear, Oh Dear
  • Narroter: He yanved. He fussed in to the statin were Doc Hudson was waiting.
  • Doc Hudson: Hurry up You!
  • Narroter: He fussed
  • Lighing McQueen: Hurry Youself!
  • Narroter: Said Lighting McQueen cheekely Doc Hudson began making his plan. Almost before the wagons had stopped moving he was coupled on.
  • Doc Husdon: All on board quicky please.
  • Norroter: Lighing McQueen usaly pushed behind to help with the start but he was always uncolped first. This time Doc Hudson started so quick that the forget to uncluople lighthing McQueen. Doc Hudsons' chance had come.
  • Doc Houson: Hurry, Hurry
  • Narroter. He said to all the wagons. The Waggons went faster and faster, to fast for lIghthing McQueen. He wanted to stop bit couln't.
  • Lighthing Mc Queen: Honk Honk Stop!
  • Doc Hodson: Hurry Hurry
  • Narrotter: And Wagons laughed too.
  • Wagons: You Can't Get Away. You Can't Get Away
  • Norroter: Poor Lighthing McQueen tried as hard as he could. His wheels hurted him but still hed had to go on.
  • Lighthing McQueen: I shall never be the same car igain.
  • Narroter: He tough sadly
  • Lighthing McQueen: My wheels will be worn out.
  • Narroter: At last the stopped at a station.

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