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A Lighting Standard is part of the TurnLeaf protocol.

Lighting standard

  1. All light bulbs are high efficiency.
  2. Infrared or motion detection light switches are installed wherever occupancy is temporary and lighting is not critical for safety or the expected tasks to be performed in the room (i.e. company breakroom, hallways, etc.)
    1. Motion detectors should be set at the lowest possible setting, allowing the lights to shut off rapidly after movement is no longer detected.
    2. Ambient light detection should limit light use to hours when ambient lighting is insufficient for safety or to perform expected tasks in the room.
  3. Establish light bulb wattage ratio per commuter (e.g., 1 15-watt bulb (high efficiency equivalent of a 60-watt bulb) for 3 humans is 5 watts per human).
  4. If building is owned by your company, decorative landscape lighting must be 100% solar.
  5. If building is owned by your company, exterior Security lighting must be solar or supplemented by solar.
  6. Window shelves with reflective surfaces should be installed to direct additional ambient lighting to the ceiling.

Proposed additions to standard

  1. Something a little more specific?
    • Using a compact fluorescent globe instead of a regular globe can reduce yearly CO2 emissions by 150 pounds (according to the Stop Global Warming website).

Challenges to standard

  1.  ????
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