Lightning McQueen the Red Racing Car and Friends is a Cars/Thomas parody series.


  • Lightning McQueen as Thomas
  • The King as Edward
  • Fillmore as Henry
  • Mack as Gordon
  • Ramone as James
  • Mater as Percy
  • Doc Hudson as Toby
  • Sheriff as Duck
  • Darrell Cartip as Donald
  • Brent Mustangburger as Douglas
  • Luigi as Oliver
  • Chick Hicks as Diesel
  • Jeff Gorvette as Bill
  • Lewis Hamilton as Ben
  • Tomber as BoCo
  • Caroline (from TTTE) as Daisy
  • Flo as Mavis
  • Guido as Stepney
  • Sally as Emily
  • Stephenson as Bertie
  • Nigel Gearsley as Salty
  • Kevin (from TTTE) as Harvey
  • Grem as Arry
  • Acer as Bert
  • Raoul CaRoule as Fergus
  • Thomas (from TTTE) as Skarloey
  • Percy (from TTTE) as Rheneas
  • Gordon (from TTTE) as Sir Handel
  • Henry (from TTTE) as Peter Sam
  • Toby (from TTTE) as Rusty
  • James (from TTTE) as Duncan
  • Edward (from TTTE) as Duke
  • Duck (from TTTE) as Freddie
  • Donald & Douglas (from TTTE) as Mighty Mac
  • Magic School Bus (from The Magic School Bus) as Arthur
  • Susie (from Susie the Little Blue Coupe) as Lady
  • Professor Z as Diesel 10
  • Victor Hugo as Splatter
  • Vladimir Trunkov as Dodge
  • Woody (from Toy Story) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Jessie (from Toy Story) as Lady Hatt
  • Mr. Potato Head (from Toy Story) as Stephen Hatt
  • Mrs. Potato Head (from Toy Story) as Bridget Hatt
  • Sid (from Toy Story) as The Barber
  • Stinky Pete (from Toy Story) as The Angry Policeman
  • Bo Peep (from Toy Story) as Dowager Hatt
  • Phineas (from Phineas & Ferb) as Kuffy the Clown
  • Jeremy (from Phineas & Ferb) as The Duke of Boxford
  • Candace (from Phineas & Ferb) as The Duchess of Boxford
  • Zen Master as Terence
  • Red as Trevor
  • Bertie (from TTTE) as Toad
  • Leakless as Derek
  • Miles Axlerod as Bulgy
  • The Queen as Elizabeth
  • J. Curby Gremlin as George
  • and more


  1. Lightning McQueen/Thomas
  2. Lightning McQueen/TUGS
  3. Lightning McQueen/Theodore the Tugboat and Friends (Theodore Tugboat/Thomas Parodies Version)
  4. Lightning McQueen/Gordon (Sunshine/Warrior Version)