Name: Lilith Daemondus
Race: Human
Birthplace: She thinks she’s from Coruscant, but that’s only because she arrived there when she was too young to remember. She was actually born on Nar Shaada, though only remained there for a total of at least four months.
Gender: Female
Age: Nineteen
Affiliation: Sith
Side of the Force: Dark
Occupation: Sith Acolyte
Force Affinity: 3

Physical Description

Miz Daemondus is an interesting specimen, if anything. Her hair is bright platinum blonde, wiry and cropped close to her head. Measuring in at about three or four inches long from the scalp, it hardly reaches past her ears. It used to be long and luxurious, streaming down her back like the woman in the Pantene commercial (haha), until she was caught (very recently) in a small explosion that burned away most of the length. As a result, it had to be cut back to remove the damaged hair. The strands are brittle, with the appearance that they might be broken off by being pinched between the fingers, but this is not so.

Her eyes are pale, icy blue, with a “f**k me” sort of look about them. Her eyes are very expressive, truly windows into her devious soul. Her skin is pale to a maddening extreme, but rather in the same way as watching a pile of very dead, very flashy snakes—it’s beautiful, but damn, you still know what it is you’re looking at.

Lily is a shapely young woman, fully curved and with a lanky kind of natural grace that tends to draw attention away from things like the lack of length in her hair. Standing at 5’11”, she’s tall enough to be imposing, but not tall enough to be awkward while doing so.

She doesn’t worry much about being as thin as she can. She isn’t heavyset, but she has the stomach of a belly dancer, muscled and packed with a meager amount of fat to give her stomach smooth curves. Her legs are also finely muscled, leaving her a little off-proportion—smaller on top and bigger below, but it doesn’t bother her much—she has a habit of leaping and jumping excessively in combat, and without her legs being the state they are, she’d probably be dead by now.

When it comes to clothing, Lilith dresses like she’d never even considered a ‘career path’ such as a sith apprentice. She likes flashy jewelry, and her clothes are literally hanging with the stuff. Without the gaudy metals adorning them, her clothes are really quite plain. But her shoes are, generally, absolutely crazy. (And I know you all out there know what I mean when I say crazy shoes…just, the crazy ones.)

Psychological Description

Devious and cunning, Lilith knows what she wants, how to get it, and who to get it from. She isn’t above stealing, but she is above begging. She’s very indignant, used to being doted upon (they must have spoiled her in intensive care after the explosion), and seems to grab some level of respect from everyone. She can be very persuasive with her body, and will use everything within her power to put herself in advantage of a situation.

Occasionally, when in company of maybe three or four other people, her whore-ish demeanor changes totally. She becomes rabid and turgid, a figure racked by labored breathing, rolling eyes, frothing at the mouth and grinning childishly at nearly everything. Since this had never happened before, it has been concluded that this is a result of mild brain damage from the explosion, resulting in strange or exaggerated moods.

Favored Force Uses

Telekinesis, Shock, Speed, and Drain Life


Her lightsaber is undoubtedly her favorite, and she uses it even when it is unnecessary. But, should the situation call for it, she has nothing against biting her opponents.


Lilith is very flexible, particularly in the leg-region, and can kick you in the face like no one's buissiness. In fact, if she ever looses her lightsaber, and her opponent is far too hideous to consider biting, her legs can be implemented as a fine weapon. (Reading over that, that sounds incredibly odd...)


Hot guys, good wine, good sex. But again, assuming you’re asking for a physical weakness, she’s very spontaneous in battle, and it might not be hard to catch an open target. Also, not being completely phycologically sound due to minor brain damage, she has trouble controlling herself and her temper, and has been known, during training, to leap directly upon her elders in attempt to knock them to the ground and beat them.

Personal History

Lilith’s parents ‘met’ on Nar Shaada. In reality, her father was a wanderer and her mother was a whore. Her mother had already given birth to one bastard child, Lilith’s brother, and, months after her and her one-night lover’s rendezvous, Lilith became the second illegitimate birth.

Whilst her mother fretted for months over what to do with the child, violent fighting broke out in the district, rivaling gangs going at it like that scene from Braveheart (haha). Bystanders were not avoided in the fighting, and many of them were murdered in the fray. After several days of the violence, her mother decided that she could not wait it out, and had to send her newborn daughter away.

She handed Lilith over to her half-brother, and fearing for their lives, she instructed them to flee to Coruscant, hoping that he might be able to raise the girl there in relative peace. Her brother was a prolific gambler, but, fortunately, an excellent cheater. He managed to stick to his word. By winning large amounts of money, he managed to provide them with a comfortable life in the upper levels of Coruscant.

Lilith was a child prone to misfortune, but immune to harm. She was a catastrophe waiting to happen, and she always would be. When she was seven years old, she broke her arm, the bone nearly snapped in half, but recovered with no post-scarring from the event. Over time, she managed to break each bone in her body, successively, but never came away from the event with any more scars than she bore from the beginning.

Several years later, when she was six, an estranged friend of her brother’s (one that he’d double-crossed, mugged, looted, and left for dead) appeared at their threshold, full of resentment and threats. He wanted revenge, damnit, and he knew exactly how to get it. The bitter friend torched the house by setting off several explosions in quick succession, catching the house on fire in the process.

She suffered terrible injuries in the fire, and was found three blocks away by her neighbors, covered in burns with a huge gash in her head. She was in the hospital for months, unable to move and unconscious for most of the time. The doctors determined that her injuries were beyond their hand at healing, and they brought her to the jedi temple to be healed.

While laying dormant and slowly healing, her force sensitivity revealed itself. She found that whenever she was pained or upset, some unseen hand whisked the feeling away. It was like a painkiller within her own being, whispering to her and demanding her curiosity. For years, she kept returning to the jedi temple, drawn impulsively by this strange new phenomenon, to question the jedi and gain knowledge of the force.

When she was seventeen years old, a band of sith agents ambushed the temple, setting a small part of it up in flame. She was, once more, caught in the fire, and suffered tremendous injuries. (Including the extensive singing of her long hair.) The agents bundled up her body and brought her to Korriban with them, where, with their dark mind games and corruptive ways, they taught her to think like them, they taught her to BE one of them. They healed her in the process, and the only scars to speak of were those that disfigured her mind. When she tries to think on her past, she can only get so far before she finds blankness. She cannot remember beyond three years prior to the injury.

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