• Cobra Bubbles: In case you're wondering, this did not go well. [Explodes her nails.] You have 3 days to change my mind.
  • [Before we door closed, and Nani glares to stare and begins to angry!]
  • Lilo: AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! [Kicks off the mat.] AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! [Nani catches Lilo will whooped, and kicked off the cereal get crashed.] Blah!
  • Nani: Eww! LILOOOOOO! [Nani's feet was heard a car screech. Nani was noticed are snapped by fingers and she was heard Lilo's close the dryer door, by Nani will nowhere. In the laundry, Nani go get the blanket and climb up the top on dryer will door opens and close the door. Lilo open the dryer door, and gets out. Before we wrapped up the blanket, Lilo was heard growling and snarling. Going over to the living room, Nani grabbing her Lilo's arm to listen.] Why didn't you wait at the school? You we're supposed to wait there! Lilo! Do you not understand?! Do you want to be taken away?! Answer me!
  • Lilo: No!
  • Nani: No, you don't understand?!
  • Lilo: NO!
  • Nani: No... what?!!
  • Lilo: NOOOOOO!!! [collapses on face, then cries]
  • Nani: Ugh! You are such a pain!
  • Lilo: So why don't you sell me and buy a rabbit INSTEAD?!
  • Nani: At least a rabbit would behave BETTER THAN YOU!!
  • Lilo: Go ahead! Then you'll be happy! Because it'll be smarter! Than me, too!
  • Lilo: You'll like it 'cause it's stinky like YOU! [slams the door as she storms into her room]
  • Lilo: [door flies open] I'M ALREADY IN MY ROOM!! [slams it shut]

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