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Version 1 (DonaldDouglas910)

  • Nani as Toaster
  • Lilo as Blanky
  • Murtle as Radio
  • David as Lampy
  • Cobra Bubbles as Kirby
  • Gantu as Air Conditioner
  • The Evil Clown as himself
  • Jumba as Murgatroid
  • Stitch as Ratso
  • Pleakley as Alberto

Version 2 (made by Nachtwolf)

  • Stitch as Toaster
  • Marie (from The Aristocats) as Blanky
  • Oliver (from Oliver & Company) as Radio
  • Reuben as Lampy
  • Jumba as Kirby
  • Percival C. McLeach (from The Rescuers) as Air Conditioner
  • Gantu as Hanging Lamp
  • Babyfier as Ratso
  • Cobra Bubbles as Rob
  • Nani as Chris
  • David as Murgatroid
  • Lilo as Tinselina

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