Cast: (Version 1 by DEEcat98/Dianecat98)

Felix (010) as Lincoln Loud

Angel (624) as Lori Loud

Dupe (344) as Leni Loud

Bonnie (149) as Luna Loud

Tickle Tummy (275) as Luan Loud

Spats (397) as Lynn Loud

Jam (202) as Lucy Loud

Clip (177) as Lola Loud

Phoon (540) as Lana Loud

Hunkahunka (323) as Lisa Loud

Mrs. Sickly (255) as Lily Loud

David as Lynn Loud Sr.

Nani as Rita Loud

Splodyhead (619) as Clyde Mc Bride

Jumba as Harold Mc Bride

Pleakley as Howard Mc Bride

Stitch (626) as Bobby Santiago

Stank (126) as Ronnie Anne Santiago

Pudge as Charles 

Damacchi as Cliff

Jimmy as Geo

Boogoo as Walt

Scrump as Bun Bun

Slugger (608) as Liam

Fibber (032) as Zach

Melty (228) as Rusty Spokes

Clyde (150) as Chunk

Reuben (625) as Chaz

Sproing (249) as Sam

Houdini (604) as Benny

Weasel (148) as Francisco

Snooty (277) as Silas

Checkers (029) as Winston

Ploot (505) as Skippy

Bugby (128) as David

Mrs. Hasagawa as Aunt Ruth

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