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Lilo Pelekai knew that the Power Rangers were in big trouble. Their Megazord was in the shop for repairs and one of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's monsters, Megallia, was terrorizing the whole entire island. So Lilo decided to bring Godzilla in to help the Power Rangers. However, Nani, Lilo's sister and guardian, told her that it would not be a good idea and that all Kaiju were off-limits. But Lilo brought Godzilla in to help the Power Rangers anyway. "If we don't do something," Lilo said to her pet alien, Stitch. "All of Hawaii will be destroyed." Godzilla battled Megallia and destroyed him. He helped the Power Rangers and saved Angel Grove and the world. When Nani found out about this, she was absolutely furious. Lilo got in big trouble with her sister and she was punished because she had disobeyed Nani. For her punishment, she wasn't allowed to go to the movies. Lilo became very angry. She glared at Nani and told her, "You're as evil and a mean, big fat stinkyhead...just like Gantu!" She then went to her room in tears, and Stitch followed her.

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