Lilorella is a Upcoming Spoof and it is possible that Animaniacsgleek could make this or not.



Sitka-Cinderella's Father

Queen Jadis(Narnia 2005)-Lady Tremaine

Shanti (from The Jungle Book)-Drizella

Jane (from Return To Never Land)-Anastasia


Ash Ketchum- Gus

Tack the Cobbler-Mice#1

Sora(Kingdom Hearts)- Mice#2


Perla-Jenny Foxworth

Suzy- Sabrina(Animated Series/Secret Life)

Bolt (from Bolt)- Bruno

Maximus(Tangled)- Major

Shere Khan(from The Jungle Book)-Lucifer

King Triton(from The Little Mermaid)- The King

Riku(Kingdom Hearts)- The Duke

The King's Announcer- Naveen

Flora(Sleeping Beauty)-Fairy Godmother

Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)-Prince Charming

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