Lily is a fan-made OTH character. She was created by rjandheather, the admin of OTF, and is the daughter of RJ the raccoon and Heather the opossum. She often appears in fanfics and roleplays and has gone through two different versions. Both versions are described below.

Original version:

In her original version, Lily was a hybrid creature known as a possoon. She resembled an opossum, but had the mask and tail of a raccoon. She has a sweet, tender personality. She can be very excitable.

Recent version:

In her recent version, Lily is a full-blooded raccoon. She has the same sweet personality as the original version. She has her father's eyes and can be quite excitable.


Father- RJ the raccoon

Mother- Heather the opossum

Grandfather- Ozzie the opossum

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