Kise Yayoi and Cure Peace

Lily Parker (also known as Cure Peace and Yayoi Kise in Japanese) is Ewan Amano's love interest appearing in the 2015 Netflix anime: Glitter Force. She has blond hair and yellow eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a yellow and orange long sleeved dress, white socks and orange dress shoes. She is voiced by Alex Cazares. At her age, she is 14 years old. At her prom dance with Ewan, her prom outfit is composed of: a yellow sleeveless dress and yellow high heeled sandals. While ice dancing with Ewan, her ice skating outfit is composed of: a red sleevless dress and white skates.


  • Mira Parker (Mother)
  • Devin Parker (Father)
  • Alana Parker (Younger Sister)
  • Ewan Amano (Love Interest)