This is an article detailing the canon on J.K. Rowling's character Lily Potter which is both specific and non-specific to Valesco RPG.


  • Name: Lily Breena Potter
  • Nee: Evans
  • Birthdate: 30 January 1960
  • Nationality: Irish, English
  • Bloodline: Muggleborn
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • House: Gryffindor, Class of 1978
  • Occupation: Housewife
  • Alignment: Order of the Phoenix


Fiesty and quite the perfectionist, Lily likes to have control over herself, everything she does, and everything around her. This control freak attribute is one of her biggest failings, but also one of her biggest successes--it is how she got where she is today, but it also has a tendency to turn people off to her. While she tries to tone it down around others, this trait of hers is an important part of her personality and will always show through. She likes to take complete projects upon herself and leaves some people insulted, making them think she doesn't trust them to be able to do as good as job--the truth is that they probably can't, but it doesn't stop it from being something she really has to learn to watch.

Lily's got a formidable temper and you don't want to get on her bad side. Just because she's nice and polite nintey percent of the time doesn't mean that she can't be a bitch when she wants to be. Just about everyone knows that she's not a pushover by any means, because Lily takes no shit from anyone, which is manifested in the hundreds of detention slips she gave out in the last few years of Hogwarts to the troublemakers of the those hallways (though many went to James just for being purely annoying). Although she tries to be patient (and is an excellent actress in this department), in reality many people do things that rub her the wrong way and she finds it difficult to not let herself get worked up over the small things; rather, she goes doubly hard on the people that truly do wrong her. She's an opponent that you do not want to cross in a duel, either verbal or physical. This girl's got a repitoire of charms to make some wizards three times her senior pale.

Lily can't stand being told that she can't do something (although through her hard work she's made sure that doesn't happen often). She's vastly stubborn and completely hard-headed, meaning that if you're in an argument with her, you're probably going to lose--not because she's right (although, she would like to note, she always is), but because you'll be the first to get tired and give up. This stubborness is also a good thing, however, as it makes her quite persistent; if you give Lily a job to do, you can be sure that it will be seen through to its completion no matter what. Giving up, to her, is tantamount to failing



Born second and four years younger than her sister, Petunia Anne, Lily Breena Evans was the baby of the family for most of her life. After she was born, Clark and Samantha gave a certain amount of attention to her that, unbeknowst to Lily, was the source of some contempt towards her from the older Evans girl. This contempt, joined with the contempt which would later be added the more and more Petunia realized that something about Lily was much, much different from her, would become cause for a strong sibling rivalry that went on silently for most of the girls' lives.

Petunia had been correct in believing that something was very special (although that's not quite the word she'd use for it) about her younger sister. At the age of eight, Lily became close friends with a boy her age by the name of Severus Snape, whom upon first meeting proclaimed her to be a witch, and an uncannily powerful one at that. Although indignant at first, Severus's diagnosis began to make more and more sense the more that she thought about it, the more her "special abilities" began to display themselves... and of course it definitely helped for him to tell her his many fantastical stories of the Wizarding World--namely a wondeful place called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he told her that she would go when she was of age. A part of the young girl remained skeptical of whether or not Severus was telling her the truth, but all of her doubt was wiped away as, just as he had predicted, an owl appeared at Lily's window on the morning of her eleventh birthday carrying her acceptance letter to the school that she had so long only dreamed of.

While Lily and her parents were ecstatic at this magnificent opportunity, Petunia, envy peaking, took this as the last straw. In a magnificent display in the middle of the breakfast room, the girl threw a fit and locked herself in her room, refusing to spare a kind look or word for her sister. During that time, Lily was the target of many well-placed barbs by Petunia and it hurt the young girl to see one who had been her childhood friend to cast her off so thoroughly. But, taken up in a whirlwind of magic and learning and the discovery of a whole new life that she had only been able to dream of before, Lily eventually more or less let it go come September.

It did not take Lily very long to realize that she belonged more in the Wizarding world than she did in that of Muggles. Apart from holidays home, she hardly ever visited on her own time and suffered from a bit of a magic withdrawal when she did. She instantly loved her life at Hogwarts, finding her place easily despite those more pretentious students that would just as well not have her there. In her fifth year, she became a school prefect, an accomplishment that she would value above any others that she would make for a good few years. At the end of her fifth year, she discovered that she had recieved all eleven O.W.L.s, due to long years of studying and practicing. She tested most adept in Charms, while her lowest score (an A), was in Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Her achievement was shortly celebrated, however, as she lost both her parents to Death Eaters at the beginning of her sixth year at Hogwarts. She found a certain amount of solace in her previous arch-enemy, James Potter, however when things just began to be working between them, Lily took up a relationship with a boy one year below her, Davy Gudgeon. For a time, James and Lily were back to their old ways again, but sometime during the end of sixth year, the two discovered a lingering connection between them. They kindled a fire that was admittedly irresponsible and rash and both ended up cheating on their respective significant others before they knew it.

James' girlfriend, Marlene McKinnon, did not think very much of Lily after this and the two got into it many times afterwards. While for a long time afterwards neither of the girls found it possible to harbor any respect for one another, they eventually let sleeping dogs lie and ended up becoming close friends. Davy reacted similarly to the news, but while Marlene forgave James and Lily for their indiscretions, Davy still seems to retain something of an animosity towards them both.

Regardless of what others thought, early during the summer of their seventh year, James and Lily decided to officially begin a relationship, much to the surprise of many around them. It was just what she needed to get her through that last summer, as she was forced to reside with her sister and her husband, Vernon Dursley. However she wasn't with the Dursleys long, as help came from an unlikely source, and Sirius Black offered to take her in. She lived with Sirius for the rest of the summer and to both theirs and James' relief, formed a bond that could be tentatively called friendship.

If Lily had thought sixth year was bad, she was completely unprepared for the twists and turns seventh would bring her. After being appointed as Head Girl, she thought that things would start to look up for her, but mere months later everything had done quite the opposite. Her relationship with James was going downhill and the two were fighting at every turn, and then to top it off, she was kidnapped by Voldemort's followers right before Halloween, and was held and tortured, along with Muggleborn professor Bryce Winchell. She barely managed to escape, and in fact it took the professor sacrificing his life for hers to do it, and although she was happy to be back, she was so scarred by the experience and the guilt of believing she killed her own professor. She would keep everything in for nearly a month before she finally broke down and confided in James the events of her days in captivity... little did they both know, he wouldn't be a stranger to the experience for long.

During Christmastime, Sirius and Lily arrived at Godric's Hollow only to realize that now James had been taken. He, along with Frank Longbottom, were kept by Voldemort for so long that Lily thought for sure that they had to be dead. She walked around the school in a daze for the weeks of their absence, the only time she spoke being with unrivaled passion at the first meeting of the Order of the Phoenix on New Years' eve 1978. Finally, after far too long a wait, James and Frank were returned home, and the diliema was discovered to be truly a blessing in disguise for James and Lily. She was finally able to admit to him and herself that she was in love with him, and the barrier they had been at in their relationship was broken down quite marvelously. There was nothing stopping them now, as was to be proven by their engagement, which occured in a broom cupboard on the fifth floor (their broom cupboard) on March 18, 1978.

In epic style, the Potters' married life didn't exactly get off to a smooth start. The two were wed in a rather large ceremony on July 21, 1978 and promptly left for two weeks on a honeymoon in Fiji. Upon returning home, James and Lily couldn't imagine there being a bigger care in the world besides the obscene time that they were going to have to get up for work after that weekend--that was, until a Portkey transported them to the Slewyn manor in south Wales, where a group of Death Eaters were waiting... Among the group were Clark and Samantha Evans, otherwise known as a polyjuiced Adrian Montague and Bellatrix Lestrange. Themselves and several Order members who answered their call for help barely escaped from the manor yard alive, and in fact, a large part of Lily didn't.

The fact that she had been fooled into thinking that her parents had really been returned to life, only to find that they were a couple of imposters under the direction of Lord Voldemort nearly destroyed the young woman emotionally--not even her extremely determined and persistent husband could get through to her in the depths of herself that she had pushed her mind into. It took a great deal of thinking (and the destruction of half of the bottom floor of the house) to allow Lily to begin to heal from the ordeal, although she isn't quite sure if she'll ever be the same person again.

In August of 1978, the Ministry of Magic issued a protection order, insisting that all witches and wizards that could not prove their pureblooded ancestry at least three generations back register themselves with the Ministry to prevent their being attacked by Lord Voldemort. Already unhappy in her job for the way that her superiors were taking her extended absence following her honeymoon, when it became mandatory in her department for the order to be signed, Lily had had enough--she up and quit, deciding that she of better use to both James and Dumbledore to stay home and devote her time to being a housewife and devising further plans for the Order of the Phoenix.


working on it!


working on it!


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