Magister Linbaien Danassil is the current co-leader of Team Murloc and former comrade and peer of Kael'thas. He currently has become extrememly reclusive and ill-tempered due to the death of his mentor Wi'Mek Coogliniath. Before the destruction of Silvermoon, the Danassil line was very famous for it's powerful members, most notably Grand Magister Linbaien, who did intensive studies on the Sunwell, believing it to be as valuable as life itself to the elves. As such, he allowed himself to become utterly dependant on it's arcane, to a much higher extent than any other High Elf. The Isle of Quel'Danas was even rumored to be named for his line. Linbaien had 3 brothers, Brennain, Tanadryn, and Nartian. Linbaien was noted for despising both Brennain and Nartian, but caring deeply for his youngest brother. In fact, even though Linbaien was a diehard elvish patriot, viewing humans and dwarves as unclean barbaric races, he had stated that he would turn on Silvermoon in a second for Tanadryn.

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