A parody of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Lincoln Loud as SpongeBob

Clyde as Patrick

Anger as Squidward

Hopper as Plankton

Various Grasshoppers and Bees as Plankton's cousins

Yumi as Karen

Ami as Mrs. Puff

Julie as Pearl

B.O.B as Mr. Krabs

Madame Foster as Mama Krabs

Jorgen Von Strangle as King Neptune

Gia the Leopard as Sandy Cheeks

Perry the Platypus as Gary

The Minions as Jellyfish


Season 1

  • Help Wanted/Reef Blower/Tea at the Leopard-dome
  • Bubblestand/Ripped Pants
  • Minionfishing/Hopper!
  • Naughty Nautical Neighbors/ Music School
  • Pizza Delivery/ Home Sweet Loud
  • Manny and Sid/Pickles
  • Hall Monitor/Minion Jam
  • Gia's Rocket/Squeaky Boots
  • Nature Loud/Opposite Day
  • Culture Shock/F.U.N
  • MuscleLincoln BuffLoud/Anger the Unfriendly Ghost
  • The Chaperone/Employee of the Month
  • Scaredy Loud/ I Was a Teenage Perry
  • LB-129/Karate Choppers
  • Sleepy Time/Suds
  • Valentine's Day/The Paper
  • Arrgh/Rock Bank
  • Circus/Walking Small
  • Fools in April/Jorgen's Spatula
  • Hooky/Manny and Sid II

Season 2

  • Your Shoes Untied/Anger's Day Off
  • Something Smells/Bossy Boots
  • Big Brown Loser/Aardvark
  • Dying for Pie/Imitation B.O.B
  • Pinky Malinky/Patty Hype
  • Grandma's Kisses/Angerville
  • Prehibernation Week/Life of Crime
  • Christmas Who
  • Survival of the Idiots/Dumped
  • No Free Rides/I'm Your Biggest Fanatic
  • Manny and Sid III/Leopard Jokes
  • Pressure/The Smoking Peanut
  • Shanghaied/Perry Takes a Bath
  • Welcome to the Bug Bucket/Frankendoodle
  • The Secret Box/Band Geeks
  • Graveyard Shift/Blobby Love
  • Procrastination/I'm With Stupid
  • Sailor Mouth/Artist Unknown
  • Minion Hunter/The Fry Cook Games
  • Anger on Strike/ Gia,Lincoln,and the Worm

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