Lincoln-Douglas, or simply "LD" is a solo debate style, based on the debates between Abe Lincoln and Adam Douglas. It was originally created by the NFL so they would have a marketable way to showcase what they were doing.



In an intro, a debater might give a story of a tradgeic example that Supports/negates their side of the Topic. Alternatively, they might make Observations, which are points made in an attempt to clarify and add context that supports their side of the round. At the end of the intro, the debater should say "I Affirm/Negate the resolution, 'Resolved:current topic ', as the topic changes every two months, and it avoids any sort of confusion.


Defenitions are a crucial part of a debate, because whoever wins these most likely has structured them so they fit their case the best, making it hard for the other side to refute their arguments. The Affirmative will usually give all possibly confusing terms, will the Negative will most likely have a list of Definetions that are only used if the Affirmative's definetions don't fit their case.


The value is what the debater hopes to achieve by Affirming/Negating the resolution. In several cases, this value ends up being Justice, as a lot of topics have the word "just" in it. The value Debate is important because most of each side's contentions are based on their Value.


The Criterion is how the debater achieves their value. Most criterions are either a Philosophy, or a philosophical value.


to be added

Round Structure






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