Anyone with the last name "Linden" is an employee of Linden Lab. Generally speaking, only people with the last name Linden work for the company.

Most of the Linden Lab staff that you meet in-world are Liaisons. Liaisons do a lot of different things in Second Life, including answering live help IMs (in the Help menu, choose Live Help) and checking on Sandbox regions.

As a resident, two of your most powerful tools for improving your Second Life experience are the Abuse Report and the Bug Report (both can be found in the Help menu). The Abuse report is for when you feel someone is violating the Teen Community Standards. If it's an issue that needs immediate attention (someone shooting, continually, that sort of thing), do the abuse report and then IM Live Help.

The reporting bugs is also important. If something doesn't appear to be acting right, see if you can get a consistant reproduction of the problem? Does it only happen in one part of SL? Does it only happen to objects that are copyable? Does it only happen right after your log in? Narrowing it down as much as possible means that our techs can see the bug in action for themselves. And that means a quicker fix for you.

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