List of Them

  1. Wang Jinrei (Grandfather)
  2. Panda (Pet)
  3. Jin Kazama (Boyfriend)
  4. Kazuya Mishima (Father-In-Law)
  5. Jun Kazama (Mother-In-Law)
  6. Heihachi Mishima (Grandfather-In-Law)
  7. Kazumi Mishima (Grandmother-In-Law)
  8. Jinpachi Mishima (Great-Grandfather-In-Law)
  9. Lee Chaolan (Teacher; Adoptive Uncle-In-Law)
  10. Lars Alexandersson (Half-Uncle-In-Law)
  11. Asuka Kazama (Cousin-In-Law; Sister-In-Law)
  12. Miharu Hirano (Best Friend)
  13. Alisa Bosconovitch (Aunt-In-Law; Opponent Friend)

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