Link and the Magic Rainbow Valley is a Legend of Zelda/Thomas and the Magic Railroad FL. It will be made by DuckTheRockStar


Link and his friends had to run the Rainbow Valley while Zelda's dad is away. But then Ganondorf and his to sidekicks are out to kill Princess Serenity. It's up to Link to save Princess Serenity and the Magic Rainbow Valley.


  • Adult Link as Thomas
  • Talon as Henry
  • Darunia as Gordon
  • Mido as James
  • Deku Link as Percy
  • Shiro as Toby
  • Sonic (From Sonic) as Bertie
  • Budgie (From Budgie the Little Helicopter) as Harold
  • Epona and a horse as Annie and Clarabel
  • Ganondorf as Diesel 10
  • Goman Bros as Dodge and Splatter
  • Princess Serenity (From Sailor Moon) as Lady
  • Thomas as Mr Conductor (Alec Baldwin)
  • Molly as Stacy Jones
  • Henry as Billy Twofethers
  • Duck as Patch
  • Duke as Burnett Stone
  • Emily as Lily
  • Mavis as Lily's mom
  • Percy as Junior
  • Diesel 10 as P.T. Boomer

Quotes 1

  • Link: Oh Thomas! Are you all right?
  • Thomas: Yes Link but some times anything happens at once. I have to see The King to get my orders right away. Journey from Sodor just keeps bening bumper and bumper.
  • Link: Does it? [Thomas blows his whistle] Ganondorf is back Thomas. You better be careful.
  • Thomas: The King warns me about Ganondorf. Don't worry Link. I'll just pop in and out with my sparkles and whatever he goes I'll keep him in order. I hope!

Quotes 2

  • Link: Thomas! But what happens to your sparkles?
  • Thomas: I don't know Link. I guess I'll just have to sleep on that.
  • Link: On your sparkle?
  • Thomas: No Link. I have a problem. What happen to it?
  • Deku Link: Oh but Thomas! Without your sparkles or the lost hero you can't travel and not helping us anymore.
  • Thomas: I'll slove the problem. You can go to sleep now.
  • Deku Link: Easy for you to say.

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