• Carleton College (letter, rcd. 11/21; email, rcd 12/7)
  • Seattle U (letter, 11/26, also 11/26, 11/27,11/28, 12/02, 12/03, 12/12, 12/15 and 1/5)
  • The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (letter, 12/03)
  • Rice University (email, 12/09 x2)
  • Grinnell College (email, 12/10)
  • Central Michigan University (letter, 12/16, 12/17, 12/22)
  • University of San Diego (letter, 12/16)
  • Southern Oregon University (12/18; email)
  • Pomona College (Media Studies position; email 12/18)
  • Yale U (Medieval Philology; letter 12/19, 12/23)
  • St. Michael's College (e-mail; 12/19 x 3)
  • U North Dakota (e-mail, 12/19)
  • Augustana (letter, 12/20; 12/23)
  • University of Scranton (letter, 12/20 x2)
  • Washington and Lee (letter, 12/20)
  • U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor (letter, 12/21)
  • Union College (12/22; email)
  • Lafayette College (01/05, e-mail)
  • Marlboro (1/5, letter)
  • Emory at Oxford (1/5 letter)
  • Richmond (1/5 email)
  • Rice U (1/7 email x2, also 1/8) Was this after an MLA interview?
  • Colby College, Position A (out of the candidates interviewed in SF; 1/8)
  • Queens College, CUNY (01/08, letter) Was this after an MLA interview? A. I received the same letter on the same date but did not have an MLA interview.
  • U of Toronto (1/14, letter)
  • Trinity -- Medieval/GA (1/14, email) Q. Did you have an interview at the MLA with them?? A. No. And if I were running the search I wouldn't eliminate anyone whom I'd interviewed at MLA until a candidate had accepted. If you had an MLA interview, I wouldn't expect an outright rejection until March or April. I've seen more than one search go to the fifth or sixth candidate
  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (email, 1/14 X2)
  • Pittsburg State University (1/15 email)
  • * Just a note on rejections, in Dec. after having a phone interview I received a rejection by email, then a few days ago I got an email, the candidate they invited to campus took a job elsewhere and now they want me to come for a campus visit, so you never know, it sucks, but they are the ones holding most of the cards

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