Movies and Cast:

Thomas Engines (Thomas/Mickey Mouse Parody)

  • Thomas as Mickey Mouse
  • Emily as Minnie Mouse
  • Percy as Donald Duck
  • Rosie as Daisy Duck
  • James Goofy
  • Edward as Horace Horsecollar
  • Gordon as Pete
  • Henry as Scrooge McDuck
  • Toby as Ludwig Von Drake
  • Bertie as Pluto
  • Bill as Chip
  • Ben as Dale
  • Diesel 10 as Willie the Giant
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Walt Disney

Silly Symphony (Thomas/Silly Symphony Parody)

The Three Logging Locos (Thomas/The Three Little Pigs Parody)

  • Bash as Fifer Pig
  • Dash as Fiddler Pig
  • Ferdinand as Practical Pig
  • George as The Big Bad Wolf
  • Troublesome Trucks as Three Little Wolves

Spener and Stepney (Thomas/The Tortoise and the Hare Parody)

  • Spencer as Max Hare
  • Stepney as Toby Tortoise

Molly and the Seven Narrow Gauge Engines (Thomas/Snow White Parody)

(Note: Thomas/Snow White parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Robin Hood parodies)

  • Molly as Snow White
  • Murdoch as the Prince
  • The Stationmaster's Wife as The Evil Queen
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as The Magic Mirror
  • Rocky as The Huntsman
  • Diesel 10 as The Evil Witch
  • Duke as Doc
  • Sir Handel as Grumpy
  • Peter Sam as Happy
  • Rusty as Sleepy
  • Skarloey as Bashful
  • Rheneas as Sneezy
  • Duncan as Dopey
  • Golden Eagles as Vultures

Stanley (Thomas/Pinocchio Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Pinocchio parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Alice In Wonderland parodies)

  • Stanley as Pinocchio
  • Trevor as Jiminy Cricket
  • Hank as Geppetto
  • Bulgy as Stromboli
  • The Chinese Dragon as Monstro
  • Belle as The Blue Fairy
  • Billy as Lampwick
  • Cranky as The Evil Coachman
  • Arry as Honest John
  • Bert as Gideon

Harold (Thomas/Dumbo Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Dumbo parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Lady & The Tramp parodies)

  • Harold as Dumbo
  • Henry as Timothy Q. Mouse
  • BoCo as Jim Crow
  • Salty as Fat Crow
  • Rusty as Crow with Glasses
  • Scruff as Dandy Crow
  • Thumper as Crow with Straw Hat
  • Belle as Mrs. Jumbo
  • Murdoch as Casey Junior
  • Clowns as Themselves
  • Spencer as The Ringmaster
  • Pink Elephants as Themselves

Stepney (Thomas/Bambi Parody Cast)

(Note: Thomas/Bambi parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Alice In Wonderland parodies)

  • Freddie as Bambi
  • Bertie as Thumper
  • Rusty as Flower
  • Flora as Faline
  • Stepney as Adult Bambi
  • Salty as Adult Thumper
  • Toby as Adult Flower
  • Lady as Adult Faline
  • Mavis as Bambi's Mother
  • Hiro as The Great Prince Of The Forest
  • Red Brown Branchline Coaches as Other Animals
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Friend Owl
  • Old Slow Coach as Girl Bunny
  • Henrietta as Girl Skunk
  • Scruffey as Ronno

The Three Engines (Thomas/The Three Caballeros Parody Cast)

  • Percy as Donald Duck
  • Duck as Jose Carioca
  • Oliver as Panchito

Buster in The Song of the South (Thomas/Song of the South Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Song of the South parodies are linked up to my Thomas/The Lion King parodies)

  • Buster as Brer Rabbit
  • Patrick as Brer Fox
  • Ned as Brer Bear
  • Hiro as Uncle Remus
  • Victor as Brer Frog

Fun and Fancy Free (Thomas/Fun and Fancy Free Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Mickey Mouse
  • Percy as Donald Duck
  • James as Goofy
  • Trevor as Jiminy Cricket
  • Diesel 10 as Willy the Giant

The Adventures of Neville and Toad (Thomas/The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/TAOIAMT parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Alice In Wonderland parodies)

  • Toad as Toad
  • Sir Handel as MacBadger
  • Rheneas as Mole
  • Skarloey as Rat
  • Donald as Cyril
  • S1 Troublesome Trucks as Weasels
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Winkie
  • Neville as Ichabod Crane
  • Molly as Katrina
  • George as Brom Bones
  • Ferdinand as Katrina's Father
  • Dodge as The Headless Horseman

Rosie (Thomas/Cinderella Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Cinderella parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Alice In Wonderland)

  • Rosie as Cinderella
  • Murdoch as Prince Charming
  • Bash and Dash as Jaq and Gus
  • Victor as The King
  • Kevin as The Duke (from Cinderella)
  • Elizabeth as Lady Tremaine
  • Annie and Clarabel as Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine
  • Douglas as Cinderella's Horse
  • Diesel as Lucifer

Emily in Wonderland (Thomas/Alice in Wonderland Parody Cast)

  • Emily as Alice
  • Molly as Alice's Sister
  • TFC/STH's Cat as Dinah
  • Percy as The White Rabbit
  • Henry as The Dodo
  • Flynn as The Parrot
  • Bill and Ben as Twiddledum and Twiddledee
  • Spencer as Walrus
  • Duncan as Carpenter
  • Edward as Bill the Lizard
  • Coaches as Flowers
  • Diesel 10 as Catterpillar
  • Harold as Catterpillar (Butterfly)
  • Terence as Cheshire Cat
  • Duck as Mad Hatter
  • Oliver as March Hare
  • Peter Sam as Dormouse
  • The Horrid Lorries as Card Painters
  • Daisy as Queen Of Hearts
  • Boco as King Of Hearts
  • Troublesome Trucks as Marching Cards

Billy Pan (Thomas/Peter Pan Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Peter Pan parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Robin Hood parodies)

  • Billy as Peter Pan
  • Rosie as Wendy
  • Neville as John
  • Bertie as Michael
  • Beatrice (from RWS) as Tinkerbell
  • Gordon as Captain Hook
  • James as Mr. Smee
  • The Slate Trucks as The Pirates
  • Alfie, Oliver (Pack), Byron, Max and Monty, and Buster as The Lost Boys
  • Scruffey as Tick Tock the Crocodile
  • Hector as The Indian Chief
  • Flora as Tiger Lily
  • BoCo as Mr. Darling
  • Belle as Mrs. Darling
  • Dennis as Nana
  • Ferdinand as Edward
  • Whiff as Danny

Emily and Thomas (Thomas/Lady and the Tramp Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Tramp
  • Emily as Lady
  • James as Jock
  • Edward as Trusty
  • Dowager Hatt as Aunt Sarah
  • Tan Branch Line Coaches as Dogs at the Dog Pound
  • Paxton and Norman as Si and Am
  • Arthur as Tony
  • Toby as Joe
  • Terence as The Beaver
  • The Barber as The Dog Catcher
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Jim Dear
  • Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) as Darling
  • Percy as Scamp
  • Rosie as Angel
  • Diesel as Buster
  • Duncan as Francis
  • Daisy as Ruby
  • Bulgy as Scratchy
  • George as Sparky
  • Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta as Scamp's Sisters
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as The Rat
  • The Chinese Dragon as The Alligator

Sleeping Lorry (Thomas/Sleeping Beauty Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Sleeping Beauty parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Robin Hood parodies)

  • Isabella as Princess Aurora
  • Jack as Prince Philip
  • Annie as Flora
  • Clarabel as Fauna
  • Henrietta as Merryweather
  • Nelson as King Stefan
  • Ned as King Hubert
  • Daisy as Maleficent
  • Sidney as Diablo the Raven

101 Transportations (Thomas/101 Dalmatians Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/101 Dalmatians parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Lady & The Tramp parodies)

  • Gordon as Pongo
  • Mavis as Pertida
  • Kevin as Patch
  • Derek as Rolley
  • Toad as Lucky
  • Stepney as Preckles
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Roger
  • Lady Hatt as Anita
  • Dowager Hatt as Nanny
  • Arry as Jasper
  • Bert as Horace
  • Elizabeth as Cruella De Vil
  • Fergus as Danny
  • Captian as Captian
  • Victor as Colonel
  • Oliver as Sgt. Tibbs
  • Hiro as Towser
  • Flora as Lucy

Thomas and the Sword in the Stone (Thomas/The Sword in the Stone Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Sword In The Stone parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Alice In Wonderland parodies)

  • Thomas as Arthur/Wart
  • Fergus as Merlin
  • Gordon as Sir Ector
  • James as Sir Kay
  • Arthur as Sir Pellinore
  • Duke as Archimedes
  • Madam Mim as Herself
  • D261 as Black Bart
  • Splatter as The Pike
  • Antoine (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Squrriel Merlin
  • Toby (from Robin Hood) as Merlin as a Turtle
  • Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) as Merlin as a Rabbit
  • Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio) as Merlin as a Catterpillar
  • Dash (from The Little Mermaid 2) as Merlin as a Walrus
  • Timothy Q. Mouse (from Dumbo) as Merlin as a Mouse
  • Bladebeak (from Quest for Camelot) as Merlin as a Crab
  • The Prince of the Forest (from Bambi) as Merlin as a Goat

Belle Poppins (Thomas/Mary Poppins Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Mary Poppins parodies are linked up to my Thomas/The Rescuers parodies)

  • Belle as Mary Poppins
  • Stanley as Bert
  • Billy as Michael Banks
  • Flora as Jane Banks
  • Cranky as Mr. Banks
  • Lady as Mrs. Banks
  • Donald as Admiral Boom
  • Douglas as Mr. Binnacle
  • Annie as Ellen
  • Clarabel as Mrs. Brill
  • Elizabeth as Katie Nanna
  • Freddie as Uncle Albert
  • Trevor as The Fox
  • Derek as Mr. Dawes Jr.
  • Spencer as Mr. Dawes Sr.

The Sodor Book (Thomas/The Jungle Book Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Jungle Book parodies are linked up to my Thomas/The Lion King parodies)

  • Duck as Baloo
  • Stepney as Mowgli
  • Oliver as Bahgerra
  • George as Kaa
  • Bulgy as Shere Khan
  • Boco as Colonel Haithi
  • Henrietta as Winifred
  • Harvey as Hathi Jr.
  • Coaches and Tender Engines as Elephants
  • Salty as Louie
  • Troublesome Trucks as Monkies
  • Bash as Buzzy
  • Dash as Ziggy
  • Ferdinand as Flaps
  • Jeremy as Dizzy
  • Oliver (Pack) as Lucky
  • Rocky as Akela
  • Isabel (from RWS) as Raksha
  • Hank as Rama
  • Rosie as Shanti
  • Bertie as Rajan

The Aristo-Engines (Thomas/The Aristocats Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Aristocats parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Lady & The Tramp parodies)

  • Molly as Duchess
  • Caroline as Marie
  • Bill as Toulouse
  • Ben as Berlioz
  • Hank as Thomas O'Malley
  • Trevor as Requefort
  • The Duke and Duchess of Boxford as Madame and George
  • D261 as Edgar
  • Harvey as Scat Cat
  • Luke, Peter Sam, Bertram and Rocky as The Ally Cats
  • Emily's Coaches as Amelia and Abigal Gabble
  • Donald as Napoleon
  • Douglas as Laffyette

Thomas Hood (Thomas/Robin Hood Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Robin Hood
  • Emily as Maid Marian
  • Mavis as Lady Kluck
  • Diesel as Prince John
  • Bulgy as The Sherriff of Nottingham
  • Toby as Friar Tuck
  • George as Sir Hiss
  • Arthur as Otto
  • Henry as Little John
  • Percy as Skippy
  • Trevor as Toby
  • Catherine (from RWS) and Lady as Skippy's Sisters
  • Edward as Allan-A-Dale
  • Sir Topham Hatt as King Richard
  • Troublesome Trucks as Rhinos, Hippos, Elephants, and Wolves
  • Bash and Dash as The Owls

Harvey the Crane Engine (Thomas/Winnie the Pooh Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Winnie the Pooh are linked up to my Thomas/Robin Hood parodies)

  • Harvey as Winnie the Pooh
  • Bertram as Piglet
  • Salty as Tigger
  • Donald/Douglas as Rabbit
  • Derek as Eeyore
  • Stephen Hatt as Christopher Robin
  • Old Slow Coach as Kanga
  • Freddie as Roo
  • Wilbert (from RWS) as Owl
  • Cranky as Gopher
  • Toad as Lumpy
  • Arry and Bert as Stan and Heff (Winnie the Pooh (TV Series))
  • D261 as Nasty Jack (Winnie the Pooh (TV Series))

The Rescue Engines 1 & 2 (Thomas/The Rescuers 1 & 2 Parody Cast)

  • Thomas as Bernard
  • Emily as Miss Bianca
  • Henry as Orville
  • Fergus as Rufus
  • Penny as Herself
  • Harvey as Digger
  • Madame Medusa as Herself
  • Arry and Bert as Brutus and Nero
  • Mr. Snoops as Himself
  • Daisy as Ellie Mae
  • Edward as Luke
  • Murdoch as Gramps
  • Oliver and Rabbit
  • Neville as Owl
  • Bertie as Evinrude
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Chairmouse
  • TV Announcer as Himself
  • Joanna the Goanna as Herself
  • Percival McLeach as Himself
  • Crocodiles and Bats as Themselves
  • Chinese Dragon as Snake
  • Cody Himself
  • James as Red
  • Percy as Frank
  • Toby as Kreebs
  • Harold as Marahute
  • Duck as Jake
  • Gordon as Wilbur
  • Whiff as Doctor Mouse
  • Coaches Nurse Mice
  • Dennis as The Bait Mouse
  • Molly as Faloo
  • Arthur as Francis
  • Rosie as Polly
  • Terence as Sparky the Fly
  • Jeremy as The Flying Squirrel
  • Cody's Mother as Herself
  • Diesel 10 as Razorback

A Great Western Engine Couple (Thomas/The Fox & The Hound Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Fox & The Hound parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Robin Hood parodies)

  • Fergus as Baby Todd
  • Ivo Hugh (from RWS) as Young Todd
  • Duck as Adult Todd
  • Luke as Young Copper
  • Oliver as Adult Copper
  • Victoria (from RWS) as Big Mama
  • Bill and Ben as Dinky and Boomer
  • Miss Jenny as Widow Tweed
  • The Barber as Amos Slad
  • Lord Harry (from RWS) as Chief
  • Stepney as Porcupine
  • Patrick as Mr. Digger
  • The Chinese Dragon as The Bear
  • Caroline as Vixiey

Stepney & The Black Cauldron (Thomas/The Black Cauldron Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Black Cauldron parodies are linked up to my Thomas/The Rescuers parodies)

  • Stepney as Taran
  • Mavis as Eilonwy
  • Salty as Fflewddur Fflam
  • Scruff as Gurgi
  • BoCo as Dallben
  • Caroline as Hen Wen
  • Toad as Cat
  • Bulgy as The Horned King
  • George as Creeper
  • The Horrid Lorries as Orddu, Orwen & Orgoch

The Great Narrow Gauge Detective (Thomas/The Great Mouse Detective Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Great Mouse Detective are linked up to my Thomas/Lady & The Tramp parodies)

  • Skarloey as Basil
  • Rheneas as Dawson
  • Freddie as Hiram Flaversham
  • Lady as Olivia Flaversham
  • Diesel 10 as Ratigan
  • Scruffey as Fidget
  • Whiff as Toby

Bertie and Company (Thomas/Oliver and Company Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Oliver and Company parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Lady & The Tramp)

  • Billy as Dodger
  • Bertie as Oliver
  • Madge as Rita
  • Duck as Tito
  • Sir Handel as Francis
  • Butch as Einstein
  • Neville as Figan
  • Old Slow Coach as Jenny
  • Victoria (from RWS) as Georgette
  • Alfred the Holden B12 as Sykes
  • Splatter and Dodge as Roscoe and Desoto

The Little Fire Train (Thomas/The Little Mermaid Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Little Mermaid parodies are linked up to my Thomas/The Lion King parodies)

  • Belle as Ariel
  • Rusty as Flounder
  • Scruff as Sebastian
  • Byron as Scuttle
  • Nelson as Prince Eric
  • Sir Topham Hatt as King Triton
  • Rita (from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) as Ursula
  • Splatter and Dodge as Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Derek as Chef Louis
  • Caroline as Carlotta
  • Freddie as Seahorse
  • Dennis as Grimsby
  • Catherine (from RWS) as Melody
  • Queen Chrysalis (from MLP:FIM) as Morgana
  • Burke and Blair (from TUGS) as Cloak and Dagger
  • Johnny Cuba (from TUGS) as Undertow the Shark
  • Fidget (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Undertow
  • Bill and Ben as Tip and Dash
  • Toad as Adult Flounder

Emily and Gordon (Thomas/Beauty and the Beast Parody Cast)

  • Emily as Belle
  • Gordon as Beast
  • Diesel as Gaston
  • Toby as Maurice
  • Skarloey as Lumiere
  • Sir Handel as Cogsworth
  • Daisy as Mrs. Potts
  • Rheneas as Chip
  • Scruffey as Lefou
  • Toad as Phillippe
  • Boco as Stove
  • Duncan as Footstoll
  • Thomas as Prince Adam
  • James as Human Lumiere
  • Edward as Human Cogsworth
  • Mavis as Human Mrs. Potts
  • Percy as Human Chip
  • Terence as Dog Footstoll
  • The Barber as Monsieur D'Arque
  • Peter Sam as Fife
  • Henry as Human Fife
  • Duke as Angelique
  • Rosie as Human Angelique
  • Diesel 10 as Forte

Jack (Thomas/Aladdin Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Aladdin parodies are linked up to my Thomas/The Lion King parodies)

  • Jack as Aladdin
  • Stanley as Genie
  • Isabella as Jasmine
  • Trevor as Abu
  • Smudger as Jafar
  • Terence as Iago
  • Harold as Carpet
  • Duke as Rajah
  • Mr. Percival as The Saultan
  • Bulstrode as Prince Achmed
  • Cranky as Razoul
  • Bertram as Old Jafar
  • Slate Cars as Razoul's Minions
  • Kelly as Cassim
  • Den as Sa'Luk
  • Dart as Gazeem
  • Hector as Abis Mal
  • The Chinese Dragon as Snake Jafar
  • Nightmare Moon (from MLP:FIM) as Genie Jafar

The Main Line Engine King (Thomas/The Lion King Parody Cast)

  • Murdoch as Mufasa
  • Lady as Sarabi
  • Toy Train (from Rudolph (1964)) as Baby Simba/Kiara
  • Sir Handel as Young Simba
  • Peter Sam as Young Nala
  • Gordon as Adult Simba
  • Molly as Adult Nala
  • Percy as Timon
  • Henry as Pumbaa
  • Edward as Zazu
  • Billy as Rafiki
  • Alfred the Holden B12 as Scar
  • Daisy as Shenzi
  • Diesel as Banzai
  • Scruffey as Ed
  • The Diesel Engines as The Hyenas
  • Skarloey as Young Kiara
  • Emily as Adult Kiara
  • Rheneas as Young Kovu
  • Thomas as Adult Kovu
  • Elizabeth as Zira
  • Duncan as Young Vitani
  • James as Adult Vitani
  • Spencer as Nuka
  • Mavis as Timon's Mother
  • Toby as Uncle Max
  • Donald and Douglas as Cheetata and Cheetato
  • Diesel 10 as Cullinary Quint

Catherine (Thomas/Pocahontas Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Pocahontas parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Beauty & The Beast parodies)

  • Catherine (from RWS) as Pocahontas
  • Salty as John Smith
  • Harvey as Cheif Powhatan
  • Hector as Governor Ratcliffe
  • Alfred the Holden B12 as Kocoum
  • Donald as Lon
  • Douglas as Ben
  • Derek as Wiggins
  • Stafford as Thomas
  • Luke as Meeko
  • Paxton as Percy
  • Trevor as Flit
  • Stepney as John Rolfe

The Big Engine of Notre Dame (Thomas/The Hunchback of Notre Dame Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Hunchback of Notre Dame parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Beauty & The Beast parodies)

  • Murdoch as Quasimoto
  • Flynn as Lavrene
  • Whiff as Hugo
  • Scruff as Victor
  • Molly as Esmarelda
  • Dennis as Captian Pheobus
  • Spencer as Frollo
  • Colin as Clopin
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Archdeacon

Stanley (Thomas/Hercules Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Hercules parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Beauty & The Beast parodies)

  • Stanley as Hercules
  • Lady as Megara
  • Rusty as Phil
  • Jeremy as Pegasus
  • Bulgy as Hades
  • Arry and Bert as Pain and Panic
  • The Horrid Lorries as The Fates
  • Hiro as Zeus

Flora (Thomas/Mulan Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Mulan parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Beauty & The Beast parodies)

  • Duck as Mushu
  • Flora as Mulan
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Fa Zhou
  • Lady Hatt as Fa Li
  • Patrick as Yao
  • Oliver (Pack) as Shang
  • Butch as Ling
  • Bertram as Chein-Po
  • Oliver and Shifu
  • George as Shan Yu

Arthur (Thomas/Tarzan Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/Tarzan parodies are linked up to my Thomas/The Lion King parodies)

  • Arthur as Tarzan
  • Charlie as Young Tarzan
  • Whiff as Terk
  • Alfie as Tantor
  • Max and Monty as Flynt and Mungo
  • D261 as Clayton
  • The Horrid Lorries as Clayton's Minions
  • Cecil as Kerchak
  • Isabel (from RWS) as Kala
  • Madge as Jane Porter
  • Fergus as Professor Porter

Nelson's New Groove (Thomas/The Emperor's New Groove Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Emperor's New Groove parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Beauty & The Beast parodies)

  • Nelson as Kuzco (Human Form)
  • Kelly as Kuzco (Llama Form)
  • Jack as Pacha
  • The Evil Diesel as Yzma
  • Byron as Kronk
  • Isabella as Chica
  • Alfie as Tipo
  • Madge as Chaca
  • Bertie Angel Kronk
  • Max/Monty as Devil Kronk
  • Ned as Old Man

Bill and Ben's Road to El Dorado (Thomas/The Road to El Dorado Parody Cast)

(Note: My Thomas/The Road to El Dorado parodies are linked up to my Thomas/Beauty and the Beast parodies)

  • Ben as Miguel
  • Bill as Tulio
  • Belle as Chel
  • Smudger as Tzekel-Khan
  • Arthur as Chief Tannabok
  • Cranky as Cortes
  • Thumper as Zaragoza
  • Proteus as Spanish Guard

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