Linny & Ming Ming's Anniversary is a American animated direct-to-video special. It was based on the Nick Jr show "The Wonder Pets". This special was released on video in September 1, 2008.


This special starts off with Linny and Ming Ming arrive at the Land of Trees, to celebrate their special party. Linny arrives on a boat, and decides to join them. Ming Ming tries to find Tuck a special present.

When a party is suggested, the trio remember the disaster that occurred when three of Ming Ming's friends arrive for a visit.

As Ming Ming considers a gift of jewelry, she is reminded of Ming-Ming's exploit with a pair of conniving diamond monster whelk who take advantage of her and also trigger a volcanic reaction.

Ming Ming then decides on a night of dancing but changes her mind when she remembers how Bobby, one of her childhood friends, came to visit, only to be found out to be a treacherous spy to the Germans during World War I

Downhearted, Ming Ming goes home without a present, only to find that Ming-Ming, (wearing her little brother's suit) has thrown her a surprise party, along with Tuck and Ollie, and she has also gotten her some jewelry and has a dance with her at the end of the film.


  • Sofie Zamchick as Linny
  • Teala Dunn as Turtle Tuck
  • Dancia Lee as Ming Ming Duckling
  • T.J. Danton as Ollie the Bunny

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