100Videos&Dvds's movie-spoof of "Tarzan".


  • Young Tarzan - Rerun van Pelt (Charlie Brown) 
  • Adult Tarzan - Linus van Pelt (Charlie Brown) 
  • Jane Porter - Sally Brown (Charlie Brown) 
  • Professor Archimedes Q. Porter - Professor E Gadd (Luigi's Mansion) 
  • Clayton - Bill Sykes (Oliver and Company) 
  • Young Terk - Fluttershy (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) 
  • Adult Terk - Krystal (Star Fox) 
  • Young Tantor - Daniel Tiger (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) 
  • Adult Tantor - Murray (Sly Cooper) 
  • Kala - Rita (Animaniacs) 
  • Kerchak - Runt (Animaniacs) 
  • Baby Gorilla - Pikachu (Pokemon) 
  • Tarzan's Parents - Trent and Gwen (Total Drama) 
  • Baby Tarzan - Farzzle (Farzzle's World) 
  • Sabor - Unknown's Wolf (Tekken New World) 
  • Baby Baboon - Jaq (Cinderella) 
  • Baboons - Hyenas (The Lion King) 
  • Clayton's Sailors - Razoul and his Guards (Aladdin) 
  • Ship's Captain - Botley (Spymasters) 

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