Lion's Edge (birth name Makali) is a Halfblood Leonine from the primitive world Kiburi, a member of the FanFiction Author Fighters and the last surviving descendant of the royal bloodline of the Kingdom of Mana. Edge first appeared canonically in Author Fighters: Wrath of the Emperor as a mercenary hired by Drake Ebon Darkstar to dispose of the Authors until he defected upon learning the truth and became an Author Fighter.

After the events of Author Fighters: Wrath of the Emperor, he also becomes the host of the spirit of Emperor Azazel, a powerful and evil king with the power of Chaos Mana. He has also since become the leader of his own individual team, the Gladiis Liberatis.

Edge is voiced by Vic Mignogna, who also voiced Edward Elric, the main protagonist of Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. In the Neo Author Fighters alternate-future timeline, he is voiced by Steven Blum, who also voiced 'Logan'/Wolverine in many X-Men media installments.

Physical appearance

Edge is a young man of 5'1, rather embarassed that he is one of the shorter males amongst his team, with dark-brown skin and a mane of jet-black hair with golden-yellow eyes, shaped similarly to a cat's in appearance. At the bottom of his cheek is a small scar, made from a dagger wound he sustained against his step-brother Jua in combat, and he also has a large amount of scars on his arm and back. After a final battle with his old enemy Azazel, Edge was scarred across the stomach with a large slash mark he keeps covered most of the time.

During most of Wrath of the Emperor, Edge wears a maroon-coloured hooded jacket with a pair of torn maroon trousers. However, upon reaching the Kingdom of Mana to track down and engage Azazel in a final battle to the finish, he adorns the war-armour of warriors from the Kingdom of Mana: a suit of armour, his preferred colour being gold, with a crimson cape and visored helmet; shaped like a lion's head. Post-Wrath of the Emperor, Edge changes his attire to a red coat; lined with golden edging; under a maroon red vest with the symbol of a roaring lion on it; and a pair of dark-red combat trousers with the legs tied down by bandages. He also wears two fingerless red-and-gold gloves with the same lion symbol on them.


Edge starts out rather arrogant and violent, having been a top mercenary before meeting the Author Fighters. He is also a rather witty and sarcastic person, often making jokes on the battlefield, with a short temper level. As a self-proclaimed 'Master Pervert', Edge will flirt with ANY female with human qualities no matter how many times he fails. As time goes on, however, Edge becomes less of an arrogant jerk and more of a kind and friendly man; still keeping his short temper, wit and violence on the battlefield. Being short and denying it, Edge is known to lash out at anyone who insults him for his height. He also bears a deep hatred towards milk, unlike most felines, claiming that its taste was 'non-existant'.

Edge is also notorious for his ability to adapt to situations: often amazing people with how quick he is to analyse a situation and improvise off of it. However, even he has his boundaries... especially when it comes to people known for being unpredictable or too fast to read the movements of. However, there is one thing he will never be able to adapt to... modern-day technology. Especially ship controls.

Edge is a naturalist, preferring to rough it in the great outdoors than stay still in one place, and a nomad at heart, always travelling from place to place.

Despite his stronger traits and bravery, Edge does have several hidden fears: one of his most notable fears being of the Nightmare Dream Eater known as the Somnium-Aucupe (Dream-Catcher), known on his home-world as Wawindaji wa Ndoto (Hunter of Dreams), due to childhood stories about him; water, as a result of a near-drowning experience; and, most importantly, he fears being hated for his past and bloodline.

When possessed by Azazel, however, Edge becomes just like the Emperor had been: cold, malicious and cunning with little-to-no regard for human life and only desiring to become stronger. One difference from Azazel, however, is that Edge's temper remains; making Azazel-Edge far more violent and easy-to-enrage than both Edge and Azazel. He is also far more bloodthirsty than them both, enjoying death and destruction openly and even calling the experience 'heavenly'.


Mana Energy

Edge is a Natural Mana-Caster, capable of manipulating and controlling an energy form known as 'Mana' through stockpiles of it within his own body. Edge's main Mana affinity is the Holy element, the result of his ancestor Aryeh's contract with the God of Holy Mana himself, however he also has a secondary affinity of Lightning. During his lifetime, Edge has created a fair number of Mana Arts to utilize in combat, most of them consisting of offensive moves: This does mean, however, he has little to no way of defending himself.

Mana Familiar

Edge's Mana Familiar is the Leo Miles, also known as the 'Lion Knight': a Holy Mana Familiar of a high power level. The Leo Miles is built similarly to a lion, with golden fur and a dark-gold mane, streaked with platinum-blonde around the edging and molten white-gold eyes, however it stands upright and is often seen clad in silver-grey armor edged with gold.

Leo Miles mainly fights using a combination of Holy Mana and a longsword it wields with a serrated edge, able to, with a concentration of Mana, vibrate like a chainsaw to increase damage.

Mystic Form - Caelestis Leos

Later on in his story, Edge obtains the ability to, through the power of his Familiar, unlock the ultimate power of a Mana-Caster: the Mystic Form. Edge's Mystic Form is known as the Caelestis Leos, the 'Celestial Lion', and is the fusion of his Wild Essence and Holy Mana.

In this form, Edge is covered in a shroud of white-gold Holy Mana that takes a lion-like form; making Edge look like a blazing white-gold lion made purely of Mana Energy, the eyes a blazing golden-yellow and the mane swaying outwards like a cape. This 'Caelestis Leos' stands at 6', smaller than his Leonine form and Chaos Predator form, however it is possibly the most powerful of them all due to how powerful his Mana becomes in said form.

Edge can only maintain his Mystic Form for ten minutes before it dispels himself, taking two hours to recharge his Mana Energy to full-levels.


Whenever possessed by the spirit of Emperor Azazel, Edge's Holy Mana affinity becomes disabled; instead being replaced with the element of Chaos. His Lightning affinity is also weakened, instead awakening a stronger affinity of Fire. Azazel's memories also gives him access to hundreds of Chaos and Fire Mana Arts, as well as the ability to, in exchange for losing access to his Leonine abilities and other Mana abilities, enter Azazel's Mystic Form and summon his Familiar.


As a half-blood Leonine, Edge possesses traits similar to the Leonine species; albeit much weaker than a full-blood. His main and primary abilities are enhanced senses of smell, hearing and sight and a low-level healing factor (being able to heal minor scratches and burn away bacteria like that of a common cold with ease, however not being able to heal larger wounds as easily nor fight off more dangerous diseases) as well as two sets of three retractable bone-claws, measuring at twelve inches, that he uses as his main offensive weapons. Edge also possesses the abilitiy to transform into a full-fledged Leonine form through concentrating his Wild Essence. However, this ability has since been mutated by his Mana Energy for unknown reasons.

Leonine Form

Edge's first Leonine form, his true Leonine form, is a largely-built lion, around 6'6, with mahogany-brown fur and a muscular build; a jet-black shaggy mane growing over his neck, shoulders and chest. His eyes remain the same golden color as his normal form, but now the pupils are narrowed and feline-like. Extending from his paws are four sets of three sharp claws, dagger-like in appearance, capable of tearing through flesh easily.

Edge cannot speak in this form however he possesses all sentience and humanity he usually has in the form, albeit with the addition of a few survival instincts taking over. Edge's Leonine form is capable of using a 'sonic roar': the release of a sonic-boom effect through a loud roar that can knock back a target with ease, but severely damages the vocal chords of Edge and, the longer it is used, risks tearing muscles and the possibility of losing consciousness.

Chaos Predator

Due to a mutation of his Wild Essence, Edge's Leonine form has evolved into a more destructive and powerful form known as the Chaos Predator. A titanic werelion-like beast, standing at 8'11, and covered in dark-brown fur with a wild black mane, crimson-red eyes framed with black sclera and long blood-red claws, measuring at longer than his usual claws and capable of cutting through harder substances than Edge's normal or true Leonine form's claws, growing out his knuckles; the beast is bulky with muscle. Its fangs are razor-like, capable of tearing through flesh like butter through a hot knife as well as shatter bone with a full-force bite.

The Chaos Predator can use all the abilites of Edge's true Leonine form as well as the addition of Chaos Mana in combination with its Wild Essence, however, it is uncontrollable and often goes in berserk rages in a desire to kill. It is this destructive trait that makes Edge try to avoid transforming into it. However, whenever on his last legs or enraged, he transforms into this form.

The Chaos Predator is voiced by Fred Tatasciore; who also voiced the Hulk in many installments of the Marvel Universe.


Edge has some knowledge in close-range combat, however he pales in comparison to the likes of Nukid, and occasionally wields either a sword or a spear in combat; preferrably a spear, due to the training he had with the weapon growing up.


Edge's relationships with the Author Fighters, despite his previous career as a mercenary and having tried to kill them in the past, is less hostile than expected. However, his closest friendship on the team, arguably, lies with the lycan MistressofDawn, who nowadays goes by the name 'Kamalia', who was the first AF member to open up and the entire reason he joined the team. Other close friends of his include Kitten Hachi-chan, TLSoulDude, Shadow-DJ and wildrook. He shares a vitriolic relationship with another friend of his, Dark Kiva, however the two are on relatively good terms with each other (playing by the trope Vitriolic Best Buds).

In the romance department, Edge is far less lucky: his perverse nature often driving many females he meets away. However, he still hopes to find one girl eventually. He IS known to harbor attraction towards the Keyblade Master and second-in-command of his team, Aqua, however he has a tendency to deny said attraction whenever questioned on it.

The Gladiis Liberatis, however, he is closer to than the Author Fighters, most say. To him, the Gladiis are his family and closest friends; the half-Leonine being willing to do anything for them, no matter how far he has to dive.

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