This party's starting to get wild! Let's rock!
—Lion's Edge

Makali Shishio, better known by many as the Lion's Edge or Edge for short, is a member of the universal superhero team known as the Alternate Fighters--those sworn to defend the worlds against the malevolent forces that threaten to break the balance: from the return of the primordial All-Consuming Maw and Avatar of Darkness Rasets through his reincarnation, Drake Ebon Darkstar; to Edge's own war against the ancient Ravager of the Celestial Planes, Irritum the God of Chaos Mana.  

As the last living (and non-undead) wielder of the ancient mystical arts known as Mana-Casting, Edge ranks high up as one of the most powerful spellcasters on the AF, in terms of potential (it is tapping into this potential, however, that he struggles to fully accomplish), armed with the full power of the life force known as the Manastream flowing through his veins, and the ability to manipulate its power in the form of Mana Energy. Due to his strong heart, Edge is also a chosen wielder of the Keyblade, however, is still in-training and nowhere near master-level in wielding the weapon yet.  

Aside from his affiliations with the Alternate Fighters, Edge is also the leader of his own team--the Gladiis Libertatis (Swords of Liberty), who serve as his closest allies (and borderline new family), as well as act as his primary companions in the war against Irritum.


Growing Up

The Fateful Night

The Wastelands

The Kiburi Civil War

Early Conflicts

A Father/Son Reunion

Makali's Epiphany

Confronting Nyeusi

As the Emperor's Prisoner

The Revolution and Liberation


Physical Appearance


Tactics and Improvisation Skills


Physical Strength and Striking Force

Speed, Agility and Reflexes

Stamina and Durability

Leonine-Inherited Abilities

Fighting Style

Martial Prowess (Unarmed Combat)

Weapons Proficiency (Armed Combat)

Mana-Casting Abilities

Life Force and Manastream Connections

Elemental Affinities

Familiar Summoning

Offensive Mana Arts

Defensive Mana Arts

Keyblade Arts and Training

The Hexblade

Keyblade Armor and Glider


Command Styles

Chaos Transformations

Vengeful Curse Command Style


Chaos Predator

Mystic Form

Awakened Mana Arts


Alternate Fighters: Wrath of the Emperor


Conception and Inspirations


  • Edge is "voiced" by Josh Keaton, who has played many a superhero in the past including: Peter Parker/Spider-Man (The Amazing Spider-Man), Hal Jordan (Green Lantern: The Animated Series), Wally West/Flash (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths) and Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Infinite Crisis).

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