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Lions are the one and only creature in the animal kingdom(apart from maybe dolphins) that actually know anything. this is because 4000 years ago the lions and humans had a massive war, which the humans lost due to their terrible technology.(and the lions so-called super brains) after winning the war, the lions decided to lock all humans in a prison called the matrix. some of the lions didn't like this, so they became hackers, and put viruses into the matrix.(otherwise known as movie directors)to tell people about what had happened. but the whole thing screwed up and turned into starwars! but eventually they got it right and created the matrix, the movie. but because it was all thought to be an actual movie, the lions became the new kings of all!(and tried to make us think so by calling themeselves the kings of the jungle, even though everyone doubts that they have ever actually seen a jungle)and thus he who is an idiot will stay that way. or so the lion coming out of the pub said to fencepost as he walked into it.

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