Lions vs Leopards is an upcoming film made by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. It will be released in Real 3D and Digital 3D.


The film begins a with the hot sun of South Africa. Some animals were busy working and having fun. There was a leopard stalking around the plains looking for a meal. Then, he saw Larry, Leo and Luke with their parents.

Voice cast

  • Owen Wilson as Larry the Lion, the main protagonist and oldest stepson to Lucy Lion and Logan Lion. He's in love with Linda Lion. He is the older brother of Leo and Luke.
  • Justin Timberlake as Leo the Lion, the deuteragonist and middle stepson to Lucy Lion and Logan Lion. He is the brother of Larry and Luke.
  • Missy Elliot as Linda the Lion, the tritagonist and girlfriend of Larry Lion. She is the daugther to King Sultan and her deceased mother.
  • Jason Lee as Luke the Lion, the secondary tritagonist and youngest stepson to Lucy Lion and Logan Lion. He falls in love with Laura Lion. He is the younger brother of Larry and Luke.
  • Angelina Jolie as Lucy Lion, stepmother to Larry, Leo and Luke and wife of Logan Lion.
  • Eric Bana as Logan Lion, who didn't like Larry at first but later reformed and became his, Leo's and Luke's stepfather. He is Lucy Lion's wife.
  • Andy Richter as Bertie the Buzzard, the main anatgonist, a mountain buzzard and boss of the leopards.
  • Emily Blunt as Laura Lion, the love interest of Luke Lion.
  • George Cloony as King Sultan, the father to Linda and husband to his deceased wife.
  • Geoffrey Rush as The Sun, who is very wise and good friend of Larry and his family and friends.
  • Seth MacFarlane as King Lionel IV, the secondary antagonist, a minion to Bertie at first but later reformed and joined Larry and his friends and family.
  • Frank Welker as the leopards, the tetiary antagonists and minions to Bertie and formerly King Lionel IV. He also voices minor animals that don't talk like the elephants.
  • Larry David as Colin Crocodile, a minor villain who likes it when things go wrong.
  • Amy Adams as Gina Giraffe, a 22 year old giraffe who is best friends with Robert Rhino.
  • John DiMaggio as Robert Rhino, a 24 year old black rhinoceros who is best friends with Gina Giraffe.

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