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Drawing by Al Hirschfeld showing Nathan Lane (Sam), Christine Baranski (Chloe), Swoosie Kurtz (Sally) and Anthony Heard (John).

Lips Together, Teeth Apart
is a play by Terrence McNally that was directed by Peter Papazoglou for Quadramics Theatre Company for the Fall 1998 season.

The show ran from December 3-5 at the Harold Prince Theatre in the Annenberg Center. There were evening shows all 3 nights at 8pm and one matinee at 1pm, on Saturday the 5th.


Chloe - Kate Willson
Sally - Vanessa La Franco
Sam - Sam Fuchs
John - Peter-Mark Verwoerd


Director - Peter Papazoglou
Producer - Tracy Leeds
Stage Manager/Assistant Director - Leandra Retacco
Set Designer - Melissa Floody
Light Designer - Josh Slatko
Sound Designer - Karyn Daley
Props Designer -
Costume Designer - Robin Rolewicz
Graphics Design - Maya Falmange
Master Carpenter - Jon Kaplan
Master Electrician -
Publicity -
Assistant Producer -
Assistant Stage Manager - Brooke Stolting
Assistant Set Designer - Rachel Smith
Assistant Light Designer -
Assistant Props Designer -
Assistant Costume Designer -
Assistant Master Carpenter -
Set Crew -

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