Name: Lipu Zoxa
Race: Lorrdian
Birthplace: Lorrd
Residence: On the run
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Hobbies: Taking care of her Kushiban companion Beel, taming animals
Affiliation: Jedi, Beastriders, Republic (formerly)
Side of the Force: Light
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Force Affinity: 4.5

Physical Description

Lipu is mixed with medium-length curly, dark brown hair. Her race basically is human. Her eyes are an olive color, and her most prominent feature is her sharp structured jaws. She is 5’6” and weighs 124lbs. Her voice is soft, deep and sensuous with a slight “tribal” accent and she speaks slowly as if she is always choosing her words carefully. Although the deep glances she may pass to others and the sound of her voice give her the impression of being flirtatious, Lipu’s intentions are usually not as they seem.

As a Jedi, Lipu wears a cream robe made of Kushiban wool by her animal companion Beel. Normally, she wears a unique cream halter shirt that has the appearance of a form-fitting robe of sorts and criss-crosses across, yet covers, her torso, stops above the waist and has side flaps that fall along the sides of her legs to the knees. She also wears semi-billowy grey pants tucked into tall black boots and a set of criss-crossing cooper bracelets that span the whole length of her arms.

Psychological Description

Lipu is not a very aggressive person and tends to think about her actions before she decides to do anything; she prefers to keep the peace, unless a person is just asking for trouble. Only then will she become verbally aggressive. Usually, she wears no particular emotion on her face and persistently appears to be cool, calm, and under control, yet at the same time pensive. She’s generally a nice person, but not very social, given her background. It is habitual for her to keep her emotions inside and closing off her own mind, making her hard to read, an effect of her Jedi training. Also, she has a psychological connection to animals, and it is not unusual for her to read deeply into people’s ex-pressions, in order to get a better sense of what they’re all about, making her very intuitive. Sometimes her probing curiosity may cross the line if she’s really intrigued about a particular person and can sometimes this can lead to unintentional conflicts, making her interest feel a bit stripped of their own personal privacy.

When Lipu talks to people she is succinct, to the point. She does not like to waste time talking about meaningless things and, therefore, is not one for small talk. If she is, somehow, engaged in an interesting conversation, her face becomes much more animated, a sign of her willingness to be more open. She gets along best with confident people who know what they want and know what they are doing and where they’re going, people with a plan, people with common sense.

Also, the topic of slavery really hits home with her. She gets pretty emotional/irritated when it is brought up, whether the person who brought it up did it with good or bad intentions.

Favored Force Uses

Lipu has a strong ability to communicate telepathically with animals, particularly her Kushiban companion Beel. She also has the ablitiy of beast control or animal friendship, which isn't her strongest Force power but strong enough to tame beasts one at a time—-communitating with animals and influencing them are two different things. Given that she was first raised in a culture that used only sign language to communicate, her ablitiy to understand new languages is quite unique. She can't understand everything about a language at first, but she does have a general understanding of what people say to her. Lipu will sometimes use telekinesis as well.


Lipu wields two single-bladed lightsabers that give off a silver/white glow when ignited.


With her kinetic communication (sign language), she tends to look beyond the words that come out of people’s mouths, and if she can’t read their faces, then she will probably tap into the Force to read people's surface thoughts, if needed.


As mentioned before, sometimes her curiosity can lead her to invading people's surface thoughts; she usually doesn't use this with those who are particularly strong in the Force, though. Lightsaber combat is not something she has ever truly focused on, so she prefers not fighting if possible; if necessary, she can defend herself for a while with average lightsaber duelists. Her field is obviously in creature stuff and facilitating. Also, anything that has to do with slavery that is brought up will bring out her sharper side.



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