"'Lisa's Substitute" is the ninteenth Episode of The Simpsons second season. In the Episode, Lisa's Teacher Miss Hoover takes medical leave due to what she thinks is Lyme Disease, so Mr. Bergstrom takes over the class. Lisa finds Mr. Bergstrom a pain in the neck and she becomes embarresed and humiliated when she find out that Mr. Bergstrom is Gay. When Miss Hoover returns to class, Mr. Bergstrom and Homer becomes enemies and challenge themselves to a Skiing Contest at Mt. Gropply, in which they all lost together while Lisa starts having Gymnophobia after being embarresed by Martin's revealing Snow Suit. Meanwhile, Bart runs for Class President against Martin.

It was written by Jon Vitti and directed by Rich Moore. Dustin Hoffman guest stars as Mr. Bergstrom with Rowan Atkinson as the Instructor, Mel Brooks as the Obnoxious Announcer and Fred Newman as a Drunk Teacher. It won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program.




Lisa Simpson: Hmm, the Widow-maker? Nah this one's for the Stooges. Spinebuster? Boring. Ooooh, Ghostbusters, Dad would like that Comedy. Wonder if Harold Ramis or Dan Aykroyd would do another sequel besides Ghostbusters 2. D'oh! Don't hurt me. I'm innocent.

Martin Prince: Ha, ha, ha, ha. How do you do, Lisa?

Lisa Simpson: Martin? That Suit's a little revealing isn't it?

Martin Prince: Well it allows more maximum mobilities just like a Baboon in a Jackpot. It makes me feel like i'm wearing nothing at all.

Lisa Simpson: Nyaah! Quit it! Must wash Eyes! Uh oh. Okay don't panic remember what the Instructor said.

Instructor: If you ever get into trouble, all that you need to do is....

Martin Prince: It makes me feel like i'm wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all.

Lisa Simpson: Dyaah! Stupid sexy Martin. Ow! My Legs! This is the worst Pain ever!

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