Narrator: Once upon a time, Lisa was going to Barnes and noble when she saw a giant Barney lover extreme.

Then, it happened.

Lisa: can I get this toy?

Homer: No Lisa, it's too expensive.

Marge: And it's a phony.


Narrator: Meanwhile, the bugs were buying some books when they heard Lisa's fit.

Atta: What's going on?

Lisa: SHUT UP YOU  F***ING B***SH**'S!

All: [GASP!]

Gypsy: Shut up or we will wrap you in toilet paper!

Narrator: Lisa had said a bad word so she had to leave the store.

DW: [Sobbing while being dragged out of the store] WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! IT'S NOT TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!

Narrator: Meanwhile, the bugs and a bunch of other people are playing dodgeball in a feild.

Dot: Ready?

Tumper: Go!

Everybody: Die, Lisa, die!

Lisa: [falling into an electric cage] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Flik: This was hard work.

Flik: Yeah, we should get some food and water.

Others: [Shouts of agreement.]

Lisa: Don't leave me here! How long do I have to be here, anyway?

Dot: Forever. Goodbye.

Narrator: And once again, Lisa threw a tantrum because she wanted to get out. And as the years passed,

Lisa learned her lesson. Never throw a tantrum in public. I think Lisa deserved that, don't you?

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