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Lisa and the Magic Forest is a Female Simpsons Characters/Thomas and the Magic Railroad FL it will be made by DuckTheRockStar


  • Lisa as Thomas
  • Marge as Henry
  • Eggness as Gordon
  • Arges as James
  • Maggie as Percy
  • Grandma Simpson as Toby
  • Sideshowbob as Diesel 10
  • Kearney as Splatter
  • Dolpth as Dodge
  • Carl as Lady
  • Rosie as Mr Conductor (Alec Baldwin)
  • Thomas as Stacy Jones
  • Emily as Billy Twofethers
  • Madge as Burnett Stone
  • Mavis as Patch
  • Duck as Lily
  • Edward as Lily's mom
  • Lady as Junior
  • Daisy as P.T. Boomer


  • Lisa: Oh Rosie! are you alright?
  • Rosie: Yes Lisa but sometimes everything happens at once, I have to see Martha Quimby to get my orders right away. Journey from Sodor keeps getting bumpier and bumpier.
  • Lisa: Does it?
  • Rosie: (Blows her gold dust whistle)
  • Lisa: Sideshow Bob is back Rosie. You better be careful.
  • Rosie: Martha Quimby warned me about Sideshow Bob, don't worry Lisa. I'll just pop in and out with my sparkle where ever he goes to keep him in order. I hope

Quote 2

  • Sideshow Bob: Aha! there's the yellow girl and look who he's with! Bullies! come and destroy!
  • Kearney: No do it yourself!
  • Dolph: Yeah do it yourself
  • Kearney: But we mean that!
  • Dolph: Yeah we mean that!
  • Sideshow Bob: Ah who needs you bullies!
  • Daisy: Hey! What just happened?!?!?!? DAAAAAAAH!!!!! That makes 2 of us!
  • Lisa: Run Carl! Quickly! and I'm going to help you!
  • Madge: So am I Carl. I'll not let you down again.
  • (They all run for their lives)
  • Rosie: Watch out for the viaduct! it's dangerous!
  • (Sideshow Bob evil laugh)
  • Rosie: EEEP!!!!!!
  • Lady: What's the matter?
  • Rosie: Carl! That man's name is Carl! he's part of the clue to the sourse of the

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