"Lisa the Heretic" is the fourth Episode of The Simpsons fourth season, which originally aired on FOX in the United States on October 15, 1992. In the Episode, Lisa decides to forgo going to Church and has an excellent time staying home. Her behavior attracts the wrath of God, who visits her in a dream. The Episode was written by Jeff Martin and directed by Mark Kirkland.


On a very cold Sunday Morning, Marge and Homer is gathering the Family to go to Church. However, after viewing the weather outside and struggling with her Shirt, Lisa refuses to go.


Cultural References


Lisa Simpson: Ah. I am just a big toasty Cinnamon Bun that was poured with zesty Marmalade. I never ever wanna leave this Bed again. Uh oh. Gotta take a whizz before it's too late. Think Man think. Think, think, think. I'd better get up.

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