Lisbeth Merchan
Biographical Information
Age Around 8000
Birthdate Before Humans
Affiliation none
Occupation Unknow
Physical Description
Gender Female
Species Vampire God
Team Heroes
Family All Vampire (Relative)
You're just a coward and will always remain.

Last words of Lisbeth for Alberto.

Lisbeth Merchan, previously known as Lilith, was a minor character from Nikipedia .


According to the Book of the Vampyr, Lilith was created by God in His own image: a vampire. Adam and Eve were created to sustain her, beginning the natural order of humans existing to service vampires. According to the orthodox religious view, Lilith eventually met the sun at the hands of man, although the true story is a little more complicated.

Lilith and her human lover who decided to leave behind the world of vampires , they had to fake his own death so her lover procure a chalice containing the blood of a fairy thoroughbred . Her lover pretended to take in the sun to kill Lilith , but by the blood of fairy Lilith survived and the two set off for a distant place who later will become Brazil.

To make his death even more credible , Lilith leave a small amount of blood in luogho in which theoretically was dead. Following the offspring of Lilith and have gathered " his remains " in a jar . At some (possibly multiple) point in the intervening centuries, the remains were transferred, eventually winding up in a fine crystal vial. The Guardian's original purpose was to guard Lilith's remains; the Chancellors and the Vampire Authority likely arose later as extensions of the ecclesiastical authority the Guardian wielded. At some point, the Book of the Vampyr was composed, and combined with the Guardian and the last of her blood, a religion enshrining Lilith as a dark saint or even a goddess was born.


Lilith is a mysterious figure. She tends to speak in riddles and does not seem to share information lightly. Unlike many of her followers, she doesn't consider herself a god among vampires, stating there is no god but God.

Powers and Abilities

Lilith would possesses the normal powers and weaknesses of a vampire, such as superhuman strength, speed, healing, reflexes, agility and a natural affinity for glamouring; she might also have had access to other, rarer vampire powers, such as flight. After drinking her blood, Alberto Marchelli acquired telekinesis and what seems to be a form of precognition ; it is logical to assume that Lilith possesses these powers as well.

Her weaknesses would theoretically include a stake to the heart, silver and fire. However, the efficiency of any of these weaknesses might be under dispute, as Alberto Marchelli, after drinking her blood, was able to walk unharmed through the burning remains of the Authority Headquarters, and withstood being staked directly through the heart with no ill effect. Also unlike her progeny, she may have been able to enter a human's residence without an invitation (again, an ability Alberto gained after consuming her blood).

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