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  • Perverting public space – Marking the Environment

Banksy Guatanamo in Disneyland and other actions

The Wooster Collective in New York

Space Invaders and France :

Luxemburg Grafiti (Sumo?)

Jenny Holzer

  • Virtual No-Limits – Internet Art and Loss of Localisation; see issue Mute Vol 2 #3 - Naked Cities – Struggle in the Global Slums See also project Userland

Milton Manetas


  • Hacking Male Code – Changing Perceptions

  • InterActivisim

  • Censorship – Political e-Freedom and Global Terrorism and

  • Science Fiction and Horror Movies/Books – Un-Everyday Life
  • The Safety of Objects – A. M. Homes / Book and Movie

The Importance of Home -

  • Band Dessinée


Impersonators and the like Impostors - Shaping their own space

  • Skate and Parkour

More links and

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