Season 1 (2013-14)

Season 2 (2014-15)


1."The Brother"

1."The Roll" 1

2."The Angriest"

2."The Homework" 2
3."The Smell" 3."The Mark 3
4."The Wire" 4."The Line" 4
5."The Guest" 5."The One" 5
6."The Worry" 6."The Manners" 6
7."The Dog" 7."The Visit" 7
8."The Someone" 8."The Trip" 8
9."The Bag" 9."The Penny" 9
10."The Time" 10."The Sofa" 10
11."The Phony" 11."The Pottery" 11
12."The Hand" 12."The Deeds" 12
13."The Like" 13."The Toy" 13
14."The Gang" 14."The Force" 14
15."The Nasty" 15."The Work" 15
16."The Adventure" 16."The Book" 16
17."The Beds" 17."The Computer" 17
18."The Practice" 18."The Teeth" 18
19."The Present" 19."The Cup" 19
20."The Nightmare" 20."The Doll" 20
21."The News" 21."The Box" 21
22."The Zone" 22."The Monster" 22
23."The Money" 23."The Meeting" 23
24."The Tutu" 24."The Lice" 24
25."The Saying" 25."The Mannies" 25
26."The Taste 26."The Runaway" 26
27."The Front" 27."The Sweets" 27
28."The Lamp" 28."The Old" 28
29."The Peace" 29."The Freak" 29

30."The Paper"

30."The Lollipop" 30

31."The Neighbour"

31."The Love" 31
32."The Stone" 32."The Sky" 32
33."The Winner" 33."The Jump" 33
34."The Shoes" 34."The Drink" 34
35."The Song" 35."The Shirt" 35

36."The Welcome"

36."The Tales" 36

37."The Run"

37."The Cats" 37

38."The Reasons"

38."The Number" 38

39."The Door

39."The Clips" 39
40."The Grass" 40."The Hop" 40

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