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List Of Mr. Rude's Poopy Jingles Is A Fan-Fiction Thing To Do.
Mr rude poopy incorparated

The Main Building.

Season 1

Friutoons Roasting Upon A Friday Night Burger

Jingle 1

  • Mr. Rude Poopy Incorparated!
  • Mr. Rude: Haw Haw! Everything Is Ready! (With His Voice Playing Over The Last Half Of The Jingle)

Jingle 2

  • Mr. Rude Poopy Incorp- (Aipom Busts In)

Trusty Scott

Troy's Ghostly Trick

The Friutoon Championship

Aipom Goes Crazy

Lamp Trouble Again

Mad Hot


  • Mr. Rude Poopy Incorparated!

Pikachu & The Special Letter

French Fried

Pikachu, Piplup & The Coal

Best Frendzzzzzzzzzzzz

No Singing, Jigglypuff!

Spic & Span

  • Mr. Rude's Abandoned Self-Storage!

Seek, Riddle & Rock

The Elavator

Pull My Pigtail

Alan's Close Shave

The Friutoons Channel

  • Mr. Rude Poopy Annex!

Town Cow


Rat In Shining Aumor

  • Mr. Rude Poopy Incorparated! After Hours...

Duck Helps Duncan

Diesel's Bad Day

Cracked Chocolate

Spongebob Falls Down A Mine

Gilgar, Buizel & The Wrong Road

Mudkip Owns Up

Piplup & The Signal

Squirtle Takes Charge

Lady Penelope's Birthday Party

Colonel White's Holaday

Mudkip's Find

Something In The Air

Best Freminies

Jammed Brakes!

Topped Off Pikachu

Season 2

The Cheesburgular


Corphish Drops A Clanger


Patrick & The Smell Of Fish

Snorunt & The Refreshment Lady

Plankton Blows His Stack

The Punchole

  • Mr. Rude's Out In The Forest!

Cyndaquill Saves The Day

A Bad Day For Virgil

Piplup The Wooly Bear

  • Mr. Rude Poopy Hot Air Balloon!

Soodowodo's Forest

Corphish Does It All

Gible's Friuty Fritango

  • Mr. Rude's Abandoned Theater!

Squidward & The Canal

Excellent Sandy

Marshstomp's Bad Brakes

Gordon Vs. Gordon

Note: This Is A Cut Part Of The Transcript.

  • Mr. Rude Poopy Incorparated! (Motor Sounds In The Background)
  • Mr. Rude: What The?! The Car Sounds Are So Loud I Can't Hear My Own Poopy Jingle! OK, Guys, Take It From The Top. Louder!
  • Singer 1: A 1, 2...
  • Mr. Rude Poopy Incor- (Aipom Busts In From The Sealing)
  • Mr. Rude: Oh What Now?

The World's Strongest Mysteron

Mudkip The Snow Pokemon

Thomas & Chikorita Help Plankton

The Trouble With James

  • Mr. Rude Poopy Jet Airplane!

Cyndaquill & The Boulder

Rock N' Roll Wobbuffet

Cartoon Wars! Part 1

Cartoon Wars! Part 2

The Rat Truth

Marmaland Blues

  • Mr. Rude's Abandoned Handsaw Factory!

Venonat's Goods

Le Race

Slide Whistle Stooges

The Burmy Comprohension Video

Season 3

The Friutoons/Oso Power Hour

Badge Quest/Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

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