Series One: 1986

  1. The Flying Machine
  2. The Big Top
  3. The Pigeon Race
  4. The War Of The Wizards
  5. The Special Offer
  6. The Litter Bugs

Series Two: 1986

  1. The Dark Wood
  2. The Fun Fair
  3. Too Many Cooks
  4. After The Storm
  5. Christmas Dolls
  6. The Trouble With Claude
  7. Happy Binday

Series Three: 1987

  1. The Genius
  2. Speaking French
  3. The Winter Swan
  4. The Terrible Twins
  5. Sports Day
  6. To The Rescue

Series Four: 1988

  1. Spring Toys
  2. A Trip To The Sea
  3. The Royal Tour
  4. Onion Soup
  5. Moving House
  6. The Factory Mice
  7. A Trip To France

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