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01 A Very Doggie Christmas

Theo goes downstairs to get a drink in the middle of the night on christmas eve. He is shocked to see Leroy opening all the presents, and even though he'd done nothign wrong, he's still scared to let penny catch him, and when they hear her coming down the stairs, they have to hide as soon as possible. They now have to try and make their way bakc upstairs as soon as posible, but this isn't gonna be easy!

02 Oh My, The Lights

Lady is taking the doggies to celebrate new years at the marina, but Leroy can't let the situation be perfect. She sees this as the perfect oppurtunity for mischeif, and with Smudges and some fireworks, sets off to do that, but it doesn't end well for her.

03 Flake of the War

Its being snowing on stray lane, and Leroy sees this as the perfect oppurtunity to cause a snowball fight. It's Smudges, Leroy and Penny against Theo, Minnie, Julie and Jenny! Let the battle commence!

04 Snow Fun Like Snow Fun

Leroy is expecting snow, and loving the Idea of being of school, but she keeps waking up! it's always a dream or a ni9ghtmare, and it seems to go on forever, and ever and ever.

05 Three Dogs and a Baby

Cousing Burnies is coming for a visit and it's up to the doggies to babysit!

06 Da Leroy Code

The residents of Meowsie are trapped inside the church! Between Leroy's idea of a sermon, they have to find a way out before they all starve to death.

07 School of Pox

Theo wants to go to school because it's Valentine's day and he's planning to confess his love to Minnie. Penny is against it: Theo's ill and school is no place to be. By the time Theo realizes he has chicken pox, it's too late and he's already given it to Minnie, who has enough on her plate after the death of her uncle. This is turning out to be the worst Valentines ever!

08 Play With Meee

It's the school play, and it's not gonna go right with the doggies involved.

09 Oh, You Didn't!

Theo and Leroy are getting worse and worse as they try to top the last insult.

10 Viva Las Doggies! (working title)

The Doggies are going on a school trip - to Vegas!

11 Viva Las Doggie, part 2

The concluding part.

12 Untitled Episode 12

There's an eating contest... uh-oh!

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