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These are a list of episodes from the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. Each season contains 13 episodes (26 segments). A total of 78 episodes (156 segments) were produced spanning 6 seasons.


  1. Pilot

Series (2010-2013)

Season 1

  1. Slumber Party Panic/Trouble in Lumpy Space
  2. Prisoners of Love/Tree Trunks
  3. The Enchiridion!/The Jiggler
  4. Ricardio the Heart Guy/Business Time
  5. My Two Favorite People/Memories of Boom Boom Mountain
  6. Wizard/Evicted!
  7. City of Thieves/The Witch's Garden
  8. What is Life?/Ocean of Fear
  9. When Wedding Bells Thaw/Dungeon
  10. The Duke/Freak City
  11. Donny /Henchman
  12. Rainy Day Daydream/What Have You Done?
  13. His Hero/Gut Grinder

Season 2

  1. It Came from the Nightosphere/The Eyes
  2. Loyalty to the King/Blood Under the Skin
  3. Storytelling/Slow Love
  4. Power Animal/Crystals Have Power
  5. The Other Tarts/To Cut a Woman's Hair
  6. The Chamber of Frozen Blades/Her Parents
  7. The Pods/The Silent King
  8. The Real You/Guardians of Sunshine
  9. Death in Bloom/Susan Strong
  10. Mystery Train/Go With Me
  11. Belly of the Beast/The Limit
  12. Video Makers/ Mortal Folly
  13. Mortal Recoil/Heat Signature

Season 3

  1. Conquest of Cuteness/Morituri Te Salutamus
  2. Memory of a Memory/Hitman
  3. Too Young/The Monster
  4. Still/Wizard Battle
  5. Fionna and Cake/What Was Missing
  6. Apple Thief/The Creeps
  7. From Bad to Worse/Beautopia
  8. No One Can Hear You/Jake vs. Me-Mow
  9. Thank You/The New Frontier
  10. Holly Jolly Secrets Part I/Holly Jolly Secrets Part II
  11. Marceline's Closet/Paper Wars
  12. Another Way/Ghost Princess
  13. Dad's Dungeon/Incendium
  14. Hot to the Touch/Five Short Graybles

Season 4

  1. Web Weirdos/Dream of Love
  2. Return to the Nightosphere/Daddy's Little Monster
  3. In Your Footsteps/Hug Wolf
  4. Princess Monster Wife/Goliad
  5. Beyond this Earthly Realm/Gotcha!
  6. Princess Cookie/Card Wars
  7. Sons of Mars/Burning Low
  8. BMO Noire/King Worm
  9. Lady & Peebles/You Made Me
  10. Who Would Win/Ignition Point
  11. The Hard Easy/Reign of Gunters
  12. I Remember You/The Lich

Season 5

  1. Finn the Human/Jake the Dog
  2. Five More Short Graybles/Up a Tree
  3. All the Little People/Bad Little Boy
  4. Jake the Dad/Davey
  5. Mystery Dungeon/Little Dude
  6. All Your Fault/Vault of Bones
  7. The Great Bird Man/Simon and Marcy
  8. Puhoy/A Glitch Is a Glitch
  9. One Last Job/Princess Potluck
  10. BMO Lost/James Baxter the Horse
  11. Shhh/The Suitor
  12. The Party's Over, Isla de Senora/Another Five Short Graybles
  13. Candy Streets/Wizards Only, Fools
  14. Jake Suit/Be More
  15. Sky Witch/Frost & Fire
  16. Too Old/Earth & Water
  17. Time Sandwich/The Vault
  18. Love Games/Dungeon Train
  19. Box Prince/Red Starved
  20. We Fixed a Truck/Play Date
  21. The Pit/Root Beer Guy
  22. Apple Wedding/Blade of Grass
  23. Rattleballs/The Red Throne
  24. Betty/Bad Timing
  25. Lemonhope/Billy's Bucket List

Season 6

  1. Wake Up/Escape from the Citadel
  2. James II/The Tower
  3. Sad Face/Breezy
  4. Food Chain/Furniture & Meat
  5. The Prince Who Wanted Everything/Something Big
  6. Little Brother/Ocarina
  7. Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe!/Princess Day
  8. Nemesis/Joshua & Margaret Investigations
  9. Ghost Fly/Everything's Jake
  10. Is That You?/Jake the Brick
  11. Dentist/The Cooler
  12. The Pajama War/Evergreen
  13. Astral Plane/Gold Stars
  14. The Visitor/The Mountain
  15. Dark Purple/The Diary

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