List of Ash & Friends Parody Spoofs is Pikachufreak's idea on how to make Ash & Friends videos be in a parody spoof. It has fan-made videos like Ash and His Friends' YTV Stories and Marty Helps Out, Best of Shaggy, Puss, Marty, and Sakura, and a whole more releases.

List of Spoofs

  1. Ash Gets Tricked & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  2. Jonny Learns A Lesson & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  3. Characters and Turntables & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  4. Ash Breaks The Rules & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  5. Better Late Than Never & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  6. Trust Ash & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  7. Ash Gets Bumped & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  8. Ash, Kevin and The Dragon & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  9. Alexandra Cabot & Other Ash Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  10. Jonny Goes Buzz Buzz & Other Ash Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  11. Kevin's Ghostly Trick & Other Ash Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  12. Ash's Christmas Party & Other Favorite Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  13. Casey To The Rescue & Other Ash Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  14. Ash and The Special Letter & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  15. Ash and His Friends Help Out (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  16. The Gallant Old Kid & Other Ash Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  17. Sing-Along and Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  18. Ash Meets The Queen & Other Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  19. Ash and His Friends Get Along (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  20. Ash Comes To Breakfast (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  21. A Big Day For Ash (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  22. Ash and His Friends' YTV Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  23. Marty Helps Out (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  24. King K. Rool Bugs & Other Ash Stories (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  25. Races, Rescues and Runaways & Other Ash Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  26. 10 Years of Ash Ketchum and Friends (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  27. Spills and Chills & Other Ash Thrills (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  28. Make Someone Happy & Other Ash Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  29. Ash's Christmas Wonderland & Other Ash Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  30. Ash's Trackside Tunes & Other Ash Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  31. Best of Kevin (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  32. Best of Ash (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  33. Best of Jonny (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  34. Earthworm Jim's Secret & Other Ash Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  35. Kevin's Chocolate Crunch & Other Ash Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  36. Jonny and The Red Balloon & Other Ash Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  37. Ash's Snowy Surprise & Other Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  38. Best of Scott (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  39. New Friends For Ash & Other Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  40. Ash and The Jet Skates & Other Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  41. Hooray For Ash & Other Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  42. Best of Shaggy (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  43. Kevin Saves The Day & Other Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)
  44. Ash and The Really Brave Characters & Other Adventures (YTV/Thomas Spoof)

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