Here is a list of Audiovies.


The Nanny Fix

A nanny struggles with the kids. The mother that owns the kids asks the nanny to help get those kids' behaviors fixed. A mother talks to the nanny about how to be a good nanny.


Distributor: Audiogate
Runtime: 1 hour likely


  • Some references and quotes from the movie Moms' Night Out is used.
  • This is the first audiovie to be finished in one single day. It was recorded on November 2nd, 2014.

Bobbly Christmas

A family decorates the Christmas tree with bobbles until everything in the tree shakes due to the tree's age. An elf named Mary Prancer helps the family put everything right together in time for Christmas.

A Mixed Up Christmas

Chris and Maggie get engaged, but she was sent to the wrong house that led to a family with the same last name. She had fun with the wrong family till Chris comes in surprised that she was with another family. He takes her to the right home, where a mother and father do traditional things. Maggie gives up the engagement, then leaves. She comes back to the other family that she went to first and found love.

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