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Season 1 (1997): Los Beacon episode

Season 2 (1998): Countryside episode

Season 3 (1999): San Francesco episode

  • "Outtake": The Record of the Vomit in the Toilet.
  • "Childs It's Not Adult": An Airport is the Very Huge Plane.
  • "Poltergeorge": is the parodied of Poltergeist.

Season 4 (2000): Desert episode

Season 5 (2001): Las Ville episode

  • "Medical Emergency"

Season 6 (2002): Return to Los Beacon episode

  • "The Last Stroke"
  • "Go"
  • "It's A Jerry"
  • "Billy in the Evil": Return and final appearances of Phoenix, John "Sgt. U.S. Army" Dallmann-Kucher, the Gyro, the SAS Guy, the Arctic Man, the G-25, the Elite Eliza and Elite 1, and GIGN. However, they return in Power Rangers.
  • "Barra, Opol/Autowood (episode)"
  • "Zerg (episode)"
  • "Los Degree"
  • "Victory!": Terran Base is Blue, An Allied Forces are Countries is Victory.

Pro-Jet (Troy episode) (2008)

Release Date: March 28, 2008


  • Operation Beacon (Auto Beacon)
  • Transplant (Prehistoric Life)
  • Auto vs Operation (Evan vs. Troy)
  • Scary Beacon (Terminator and Horror)
  • Thanksbeating (Are You There God! It's Me, Maryann)
  • Merry Chris-Mas (Interdiction)

Desti-No (Evan episode) (2009)

Auto-Box (Chris episode) (2010)

Anniver-City (Jakob episode) (2011)

First Stroke (Trevor episode) (2012)

Super Space (Garrett episode) (2013)

Strike Beacon (Ty episode) (2014)

Resur-Wrecktion (Kyle episode) (2015)

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