Bugs 'n Daffy is an American animated television series created by Warner Bros. Animation. It currently airs on Kids' WB! as it is in its tweflth season, adding up to over 175 episodes and 4 specials. The show's episodes are set in one or two formats: either divided into three segments or classic cartoons with wraparounds before each segment or a singular episode of approximately 22 minutes. Only seven episodes use the "two shorts" format: From The Mind of Daffy Duck, Top Toon Tips from Bugs & Daffy, Looney Fairy Tales, New Cartoon Character Day, Daffy Kon Ducki, Bugs Bunny's Directoral Debut and Warner Bros. Sports Cartoons. Besides the 175-plus episodes, the series also had four specials, Bugs 'n Daffy's Spring Break Special and Bugs 'n Daffy's Halloween Night of Frights. A direct-to-video release, the two-hour Bugs 'n Daffy's Summer Weekend, also aired in four parts as part of the show's episode package and another direct-to-video release, Bugs 'n Daffy's Biggest High-Flying Adventure, was also split into four parts and added to the show's episode package.


Seasons Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Season 1 65 1995-1996 June 29, 2005
Season 2 15 1997-1998 September 9, 2005
Season 3 18 1999-2000 October 31, 2006
Season 4 21 2001-2002
Season 5 39 2003-2004
Season 6 46 2004-2005
Season 7 19 2006
Season 8 22 2007
Season 9 41 2007-2008
Season 10 19 2008
Season 11 24 2009-2010
Season 12 65 2010-2011
Season 13 11 2011-present

The episodes' production codes indicates which studio animated the show

  • RDS=Rough Draft Studios
  • A=AKOM
  • CJP=Chuck Jones Productions
  • AC=Atomic Cartoons
  • TCA=Toon City Animation
  • W=Wang Film Productions
  • CNS=Cuckoo's Nest Studio
  • TMS=Tokyo Movie Shinsha
  • E=Encore Cartoons
  • ST=StarToons

Season 1 (1995-1996)

In this first season, other Warner Bros. Animation stars, such as Yakko, Wakko and Dot from Animaniacs and Babs and Buster Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures, were added to the show as regular and recurring characters, as well as appearing in other segments in the forms of special guests and cameo appearances. Some characters were left out from the series.

Episode Number Original Airdate Production Code Title Plot
1-101 January 13, 1995 CJP/W-148 "The Bugs 'n Daffy Beginnings" A fictionalized orgin story of the series. Taking inspiration from recent Looney Tunes-related projects, an animator (voiced by an uncredited Steven Spielberg) attempts to reintroduce the Looney Tunes characters in a new way but discards the sketches. Bugs, Babs, Buster, Yakko, Wakko and Dot then create the show's setting of Looney Tunes Land and adds the popular Warner Bros. characters to inhabit the new setting. Cameo appearances by Charlie Dog and Clyde Rabbit.
2-102 January 20, 1995 A-140 "Duck Dodgers vs. Duck Vader" A loose Star Wars parody. Daffy Duck, as Duck Dodgers, and Plucky Duck must team up with Marvin the Martian to save the Planet X from Duck Vader, Duck Dodgers' evil twin.
3-103 January 27, 1995 TMS-113 "The Wheel of Cartoons"

Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy spin a special wheel to determine the characters that star in each segment

  • "Daffy's Romance": Daffy Duck falls in love with another duck after being hit by Cupid's arrow.
  • "Too Wacky To Stop!": Wakko's wacky behavior annoys Plucky to no end, who wishes Wakko never existed.
  • "Win, Lose or Kartoonie!": Yakko, Fifi La Fume and Yosemite Sam compete on a game show. Bugs and Montana Max discover that Sam is cheating, then kidnaps the hosts and take their places to get revenge on Sam.
4-104 February 3, 1995 TMS-122 "It's All About The Warners"

Wraparounds: Yakko, Wakko and Dot host this episode...with Looney results!

  • "Meeting the P-sychiatrist": The Warners meet Dr. Scratchensniff for the first time. First appearances of Dr. Scratchensniff, Hello Nurse and Mr. Plotz.
  • "Hello, Nice Warners": The Warners run into a Jerry Lewis-esque control freak comedy director while running from Ralph. First appearances of Mr. Director and Ralph the Security Guard.
  • "Video Revue": The Warners have fun in a video store when the videos come to life. First appearance of Baby Plucky Duck. Cameo appearances by Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

NOTE: This episode is the only one to feature the Animaniacs intro alongside the Bugs 'n Daffy characters

5-105 February 10, 1995 TMS-119 "A Toonster's Freedom of Speech"

Wraparounds: Buster speaks against the censorship of the most-popular cartoons.

  • "Better Late Than Clever": Bugs learns that Buster has lost his sense of humor and tries to help him get it back.
  • "Nations of the World": Yakko sings the nations of the world to the tune of the "Mexican Hat Dance".
  • "Born To Be Buggin'": Babs' friends are annoyed with her constant impressions, so they call in Buster Bunny to teach her a lesson once and for all.
6-106 February 17, 1995 TMS-108 "Daffy Duck in Wackyland"

After being kicked out of the series for lack of spotlight sharing and self-control, Daffy leaves and moves into Wackyland. He becomes the king of Wackyland, until Daffy scolds the residents about self-control and has to be rescued by Bugs, Buster, Babs, Plucky, Porky, Yakko, Wakko and Dot. First appearances of Pinky and the Brain and Minerva Mink.

NOTE: Although each episode had different end credits and a different character doing their signature end tagline credit, the episode's end credit sequence and character ending was usually the only one seen on episodes aired on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon's Nicktoons Network.

7-107 February 24, 1995 TMS-138 "The Day The Toons Stood Still" Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton learned that the Earth stopped moving as well as movement of the characters. The Tiny Toons gang finds out that a mysterious adversary is causing the problems with the Earth. Cameo appearance by Scooby-Doo.
8-108 February 31, 1995 A-127 "Toons That Go Bump in the Night"
  • "Hare-Raising Halloween": The toons are enjoying a Halloween party until Daffy Duck, disguised as Freddy, scares everyone out of their minds. Bugs Bunny helps the toons get even with Daffy......literally.
  • "A-Haunting We Will Go": Witch Hazel needs Speedy to take care of the house while she's away. Unfortunately, when Daffy enters the scene, Witch Hazel wants the wacky duck for her dinner.
  • "Easy Fire": Michigan J. Frog learns that some bullies are causing forest fires and asks Plucky Duck to stop them.
9-109 June 9, 1995 TMS-131 "The Bugs 'n Plucky Show"

Wraparounds: In Daffy Duck's absence, Plucky is asked to replace him for the episode.

  • "A Lesson in Wild Takes": Acme Looniversity is built for the new generation of cartoon characters and Bugs and Daffy are teaching an advanced Wild Takes class. Wakko is enrolled in the class and aces the class with flying colors, until Bugs learns that Wakko forgot to get his class diploma when he completes the entire course in one full day.
  • "Lifestyles of the Wacky and Wild": Bugs and Buster get an interview with Gogo Dodo.
  • "The Anvil Chorus": Anvils repeatedly fall on Plucky during the performance of Giuseppe Verdi's The Anvil Chorus. Daffy appears at the end when Foghorn Leghorn (in place of Babs) begins to perform Rossini's 1812 Oveture when bombs began to blow up in Daffy Duck's face.
10-110 June 16, 1995 CJP-133 "How To Break The Fourth Wall"

Wraparounds: Daffy Duck teaches the Acme Looniversity class to break the fourth wall when necessary.

  • "One More Gag!": Yakko wants to perform a classic cartoon gag for the teachers, but fails when Daffy makes him nervous.
  • "55th Birthday": Bugs leaves Acme Looniversity when Yosemite Sam hires a younger version of Bugs to teach the Wild Takes class alongside Daffy. Bugs nearly throws himself out of the series until Sam rehires Bugs to teach the class.
  • "Final Exam": The toons have to pass their final exam in Wise Cracks class. Buster becomes nervous and tells Bugs that he's worried about the test. Bugs shows Buster a cartoon to take extra notes in class.
11-111 June 23, 1995 W-132 "Starting The Show From Scratch" Dr. Scratchensniff notices a family of fleas that lands on Wakko. Bugs, Yakko and Plucky get shrunken to the size of fleas to save the younger child to reunite him with his family.
12-112 June 30, 1995 W-117 "Hare-Raising Hare Night" Bugs, Daffy, Lola, Buster, Babs, Yakko, Wakko and Dot attempt to stop a mad scientist named Dr. Gene Splicer. First official appearance of Lola Bunny, Bugs Bunny's current love interest.
13-113 July 7, 1995 A-105 "Pinky and the Brain: Two Mice Ruling Da World"

Each of these cartoons is linked to the other chronologically. In all three, Pinky and the Brain try to take over the world, one night and one adventure at a time. All adventures are from Animaniacs, excluding the last cartoon.

  • "Win Big": The Brain tries to take over the world by going on Pinky's favorite game show.
  • "Pinky At The Bat": Pinky and the Brain play on a losing baseball team as The Brain works on his latest plan.
  • "The Brain's New Plan": The Brain's new plan to take over the world involves classic cartoon gags
14-114 July 14, 1995 CJP-128 "The Looney Tunes Zone"

Wraparounds: A parody of The Twilight Zone with Bugs as Rod Sterling.

  • "A Walk on the Flip Side": Plucky Duck is changed into a rabbit by Shirley the Loon after he complains about not having the spotlight on The Bugs 'n Daffy Show. Bugs, Babs and Buster ask Daffy to set Plucky straight on how to treat a rabbit.
  • "Pancakes! Pancakes! Pancakes!": Bugs notices the toons are getting sick, except for Buster, Plucky, Fifi and Hamton, and calls in Daffy Duck to help find a cure.
  • "Duck Dodgers and the 24 1/2 Century": Daffy Duck, as Duck Dodgers, and Porky Pig, as the Eager Young Space Cadet, fly to the Planet X of Mars to stop Marvin the Martian from taking over the world.
15-115 July 21, 1995 A-126 "Life In The 1990s"

Wraparounds: Bugs introduces each segment, describing them as examples of life in the 1990s.

  • "Too Cool To Be Me": Buster, Plucky and Hamton hang out at a cool kids' club known as Warner Cafe, where they try to fit in but make a decision to be themselves to make friends. Cameo appearances by Minerva Mink and Bugs Bunny.
  • "Paper Route Day": Buster decides to take up newspaper delivery and delivers papers around Mr. Plotz's office. Cameo appearance by Pinky and the Brain.
  • "Straight-Man 101": Plucky decides to make Hamton his straight-man for a day.
16-116 September 15, 1995 W-109 "Cinemaniacs!"

A three-part episode, each segment parodying movies with the characters in the movies' roles. Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy move among theaters at a multiplex.

  • "Superbugs": A parody of the Superman film franchise with Bugs as Superman and Elmer Fudd as "Wex Wuthor". Superbugs tries to stop Wex's plot to destroy Looney Tunes Land by pouring ink all over it.
  • "Duck Jam": A parody of Space Jam, with Daffy, Sylvester, Fifi, Porky, Hamton and others as the ToonSquad and a caricature of Chris Rock as Michael Jordan. The ToonSquad try to battle the Monstars.
  • "Batduck and Decoy": A parody of the Batman film franchise with Plucky as the Caped Crusader, Hamton as the Boy Wonder and Yosemite Sam as the Tickler.
17-117 September 22, 1995 W-124 "The Weirdest Story Ever Told"

Wraparounds: Buster, Babs and Plucky spend the day at the Acme Looniversity library.

  • "Robin Hood Plucky": A modern remake of Robin Hood Daffy, starring Plucky Duck.
  • "To Bugs or Not To Bugs": Bugs is determined to pitch his new play to William Shakespeare.
  • "Fifis 'Round The World": Wakko dreams that Fifi's world relatives have their eyes on him too. Cameo appearances by Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, Dizzy Devil and Yakko Warner.
18-118 September 29, 1995 TMS-101 "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow" Bugs Bunny is taken hostage by Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. He escapes and frees the other animals the duo have caught, but he himself is recaptured. Daffy, Lola, Yakko and Buster come to rescue him from Elmer and Sam.
19-119 October 20, 1995 RDS-102 "Prom-ise Her Everything" After being asked to the prom by Fifi, Wakko tries to learn how to dance by watching vintage dance clips of Looney Tunes cartoons, but then performs poorly until Bugs and Daffy come in and assist him. Meanwhile, Dot is trying to get Plucky Duck to like her, even though he is focusing on the girl Furrball brought in.
20-120 October 27, 1995 W-104 "You Asked For It"

Wraparounds: A "viewer's request" episode. Bugs and Daffy choose the characters to star in each cartoon.

  • "Debutante Daffy": Daffy gets corrected on his greedy glory-hound behavior by Buster and Babs in a charm-like finishing school-style routine.
  • "Sleight of Hare": Bugs works as a magician's rabbit at Yosemite Sam's talent show, but then vows to get revenge right after Sam ruins the magician's act.
  • "Out of Luck": Bugs and Daffy say that the viewers decide what will happen to Plucky Duck within the episode. Plucky goes through several transformations and settings.
21-121 November 3, 1995 RDS-112 "Club Busters" When Yosemite Sam blames Buster, Plucky and Wakko for stealing a slushie machine, Bugs and Daffy decide to be the trio's lawyers to prove them innocent. However, they all end up imprisoned together and are broken out by capturing Rocky and Mugsy. To get their revenge on Sam, the toons decide to humiliate him via rap battles.
22-122 November 10, 1995 W-121 "Welcome Home Wakko" When Wakko runs away since he feels unappreciated, the toons go around the world to find him, with the help of some allies on the way. First appearances of Cool Cat, Colonel Rimfire, Rita and Runt.
23-123 November 17, 1995 W-130 "Wake-Up Call of the Wild - Part I"

Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy educate the viewers on the "calls of the wild" and animal insticts.

  • "The Lion: I'm Busy Right Now!": Pete Puma, depicted as a smart guy though keeping his signature laugh, outsmarts Plucky Duck in a battle of the brains vs. the mallards. Cameos by Cool Cat, Bunny and Claude.
  • "How To Be A Coyote": Calamity Coyote teaches the viewers the basics on how to capture the Road Runner, in this case, Little Beeper. Cameos by Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner. One of the few rare Bugs 'n Daffy cartoons where Calamity Coyote and Little Beeper speak regularly.
  • "Puddy Tat Cat-Astrophe": Sylvester and Tweety end up in prehistoric times after getting stuck in Plucky's time machine. Suprisingly, the past didn't look that bad. Cameos by Rita and Runt, Speedy Gonzales and Porky Pig.
24-124 November 24, 1995 AC-107 "Bugs Bunny and the Wolverine" A musical episode in which Fifi describes Bugs, Daffy, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Buster, Babs, Plucky and Furball being persued by a wolverine in a parody of Peter & the Wolf. Each character is represented by a musical instrument.
25-125 December 5, 1995 AC-123 "You Asked For It Part II (Again)"

Wraparounds: Another "viewer's request" episode. Bugs and Daffy pick names out of a drum, then Taz eats the drum.

  • "The Looney Couple": A parody of The Odd Couple. After Dizzy moves into Plucky's house, he becomes tired of Dizzy's destructive nature, but after Dizzy insists on being let back in, the two stay in his cave.
  • "Wakko's Out of Odor": Wakko ends up getting painted like a skunk, then goes on the run from Fifi La Fume. Wakko makes Fifi feel better by painting up Daffy instead. Cameo by Pepe Le Pew.
  • "Little Toon of Horrors": A new student enrolls in Acme Looniversity and the students, except for Buster, Furball, Calamity and Little Beeper, take a sudden dislike to him. The student then reveals himself to be Bugs Bunny.
26-126 December 12, 1995 TMS-125 "Hollywood Daffy" Based on the Merrie Melodies cartoon, Daffy travels to Hollywood to pitch a new movie with Porky. While in Hollywood, he discovers that Bugs was planning on telling the producer Daffy's biggest movie idea.
27-127 December 19, 1995 W-142 "The World of Europe in 30 Minutes" Bugs and Daffy go on an adventure in Europe, searching for a rare artifact, The Crown of King Toonsworth III. First off, Bugs and Daffy must find a way past their adversaries, female fans, tourists and finally, themselves!
28-128 December 26, 1995 A-136 "Bugs Bunny's Wide World of Sports"
  • "Tennis Toon Chumps": Plucky and Yosemite Sam battle each other for the tennis trophy, unaware that Wakko and Yakko won the championship already. First appearance of Tyrone Turtle.
  • "Golf, Anyone?": Porky hosts a junior golf tournament and Wakko, Buster and The Brain are the only competitors.
  • "Bugs at the Bat": Porky narrates a Bugs 'n Daffy retelling of Casey at the Bat, with a suprise twist.
29-129 January 1, 1996 TMS-115 "From The Mind Of Daffy Duck"

Wraparounds: Bugs, Buster and Babs explore the mind of Daffy Duck.

  • "The Wrath of Nasty Canasta": Daffy, as Drip-Along Daffy, must battle the dastardly cowboy, Nasty Canasta.
  • "Advances in Animation": Daffy is upset that he doesn't get a cameo appearance in Animaniacs. Contains one of the funniest quotations by Bugs, according to the fans. ("Hi-ya, I'm a pretty girl. How's it goin', doc?")

NOTE: This episode was created to celebrate the New Year of 1996, as it is proven in this episode's gag credit at the end, One Thing We Had To Say/Happy New Year's Day, Everyone!, and Bugs Bunny's end credit, "Happy New Year's, Doc!".

30-130 January 5, 1996 AC-116 "Fields of Honey" When Bugs and Buster help Babs find a female mentor, they discover Honey of Bosko and Honey. Bugs then helps Babs and Buster build a theater to show Bosko and Honey cartoons, which leads to a monumental meeting with her.
31-131 January 12, 1996 W-137 "Wackyland World" Gogo Dodo creates a Wackyland theme park but a circus owner kidnaps him, Buster, Babs, Fifi and Plucky. Bugs, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Pinky, The Brain, Daffy and Pepe must rescue them.
32-132 January 19, 1996 CJP-132 "Spring in Looney Tunes Land"
  • "Love Among The Toons": Romance is in the air for Valentine's Day, and Fifi doesn't have a date for the spring dance. Yakko volunteers to be Fifi's date for the dance. First use of Raymond Scott's Powerhouse, for the dance scenes.
  • "Neat Freaks": All of the girls, except for Dot, go crazy over spring cleaning, nearly erasing Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the famous Looney Tunes characters out of existence, literally.
  • "That's Supremely Stupid!": Daffy and Taz compete in a game show where they have to do extreme stunts.
33-133 January 26, 1996 CJP-152 "Pyschic Minds Are Not Alike"

Wraparounds: Shirley predicts what will happen to each character by looking into her crystal ball.

  • "A Piece of My Mind": A parody of This is Your Life with Calamity Coyote and Furball as narrators, summarizing their mentors' lives and relationships with their main preys as Sylvester and Wile E. fall off of a very, tall building.
  • "Hello, My Baby": Michigan is given as a birthday gift to Fifi, as she realizes he can sing and dance. She tries proving this to her friends, but Michigan just croaks and speaks to her friends.
  • "Classroom Calamities": Plucky ends up skipping class to go to the arcade. Unfortunately, when he goes to the mall, he didn't suspect Bugs and Daffy, who were sent to find Plucky, at the sports arena.
34-134 February 2, 1996 TMS-149 "As The Toon Turns" A parody of As The World Turns. Bugs is out to solve a mystery to discover who kidnapped his son, Buster Bunny. He asks five prime suspects: Fifi, Minerva, The Warners, Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam, when it turns out, Buster was just at a basketball game for the whole cartoon.
35-135 February 9, 1996 TMS-155 "A Cartoon Page Right Out of History" After procrastinating on his homework, Plucky invents a time machine to go back in time. In the process, he accidentally sends himself, Bugs, Daffy, Buster and Babs back into prehistoric times. Cameos by Freakazoid and Damey Wayne.
36-136 February 16, 1996 CJP-145 "Animaniacs!" Buster shows Plucky how to create a cartoon as part of his class assignment.
37-137 February 23, 1996 W-111 "Career Oppor-Toon-ities"
  • "Bugs Bunny's Guide To Getting A Job": Bugs walks Buster and Babs through a step-by-step course on how to get a job. They work at a fast-food restuarant, but their first customer is Yosemite Sam.
  • "Working Pig": Porky works at a toy store to earn money for Acme Looniversity for new school supplies.
  • "Falling To Pizzas": Calamity Coyote works as a pizza boy to earn money for charity.
38-138 March 1, 1996 TMS-103 "True Tales of Life Science"
  • "Scentimental Ducks": Daffy and Plucky spill a compound on their clothes that was intended to make dog food platable, and the other characters attempt to eat them.
  • "The Cool Toons Club vs. Dances": Buster must stop Plucky and his new clique from banning dance classes.
  • "Aliens That Control Your Mind": Bugs must save Fifi and Yakko, both of which have aliens in their heads.
39-139 March 8, 1996 CJP-129 "Daffy Duck and the Groovie Goolies"

Wraparounds: The Groovie Goolies hang out with the cast of Bugs 'n Daffy

  • "Start The Show With Style!": Shirley, with the help of Daffy and Tweety, decides to liven up the atmosphere of Acme Looniversity. Cameo appearance by Pinky and the Brain.
  • "The Show With No Title": Porky and Daffy end up lost in the woods, unfortunately with Fifi, Dot and Wakko.
  • "The Groovie Goolies": The Groovie Goolies help teach the Wild Takes class with Bugs and Daffy.
40-140 March 15, 1996 CJP-120 "Space Jam!" The Looney Tunes basketball team competes against other teams and wins all games. Daffy acts as a double agent for The Monstars, one of the competing teams. Only appearance of the Monstars, outside of Space Jam.
41-141 March 22, 1996 W-114 "The Duckfather" A parody of The Godfather. Bugs and Daffy are in a parody of crime flicks, dealing with a mob of criminals run by Sammy the Kid. Cameos by Pinky and the Brain, Speedy Gonzales, Charlie Dog, Clyde Rabbit and Lola Bunny. This episode is notable for being the longest episode to feature almost every one of the characters, at least nine months before Daffy Duck got his own series. Features one of the shortest cameos of The Warners and Tiny Toons.
42-142 March 29, 1996 CJP-110 "Records in the Toon Books"

Wraparounds: Pinky promotes a cartoon record book while The Brain uses mind-control on the viewers.

  • "No Toon Left Behind": Plucky accidentally warps Bugs and Yakko back in time to the 1930s, where Porky Pig was becoming a big Looney Tunes star. Bugs and Yakko meet the early Porky Pig then return to the present to meet his current counterpart.
  • "Fifi's Guide To Love": Fifi explains the ways of finding true love in the world, with Wakko falling in love with her.
  • "Hellooooo Nurse!": Bugs narrates the story of how Yakko and Wakko's catchphrase, "Hello Nurse!", was created.
43-143 April 5, 1996 TMS-118 "Best of Plucky Duck Day"
  • "One Minute 'Til Three": Plucky anticipates the last minute of school to start his weekend, but the clock slows down during Plucky's last class, Advanced Wild Takes.
  • "Sufferin' Succotash!": When Daffy and Sylvester argue over who invented the phrase, "Sufferin' Succotash!", Plucky decides to teach them about the origins of the phrase.
  • "Egomaniacs!": Plucky's own spin on Animaniacs with an all-Plucky twist.
44-144 April 12, 1996 CJP-106 "Looney Tunes Stew"

Wraparounds: A mix of Bugs 'n Daffy cartoons with the selection of a mix of characters.

  • "Looney Tunes Stew": In the opening segment, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck show the viewers how to make Looney Tunes Stew. Cameo appearances by Yakko, Wakko and Dot, Babs and Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck and Tweety.
  • "In The Garden of Shirley": The Brain tries to plan on his ultimate scheme of world domination, while dealing with Shirley the Loon's constant pyschic personality.
  • "Pinky and the Cat": Pinky and Rita speak about what they want to do tonight. Rita tells Pinky what she wants to do: eat him in one bite.
  • "The Duckfeathers": Plucky Duck, Pesto and Squit try to make a living, but don't know how to live it.
  • "Daffy Ka-Boo": In Chicken Boo's first appearance, he has to deal with a director who keeps changing his movie around from plot to plot, later realizing that his director is Daffy Duck.
  • "Warner Bros. Cafe": Bugs, Buster, Babs, Yakko, Wakko and the Warner sister Fifi (in place of Dot) try to outwit the security guards to get in the Warner Bros. Cafe, run by Yosemite Sam.
45-145 April 19, 1996 CJP-154 "The Were-Duck at Hare Manor" During a stay at Bugs Bunny's mansion, Bugs begins to suspect that something's wrong with Daffy when he begins to stay up late. The toons start thinking that Daffy has been infected with the Were-Duck infection and Bugs, Plucky and Yakko go on the case to find the real Were-Duck, knowing that Yosemite Sam was in disguise. Guest appearances by Pinky and the Brain.
46-146 April 26, 1996 TMS-141 "Looney Tunes Music Television"

A collection of music videos, starring the Bugs 'n Daffy stars, for the following:

  • "Instanbul (Not Constantinople)": Daffy & Porky are hired to retrieve a stolen statue from Yosemite Sam.
  • "Particle Man": Daffy Duck takes on various wrestlers and loses.
  • "Respect": Fifi, Babs and Dot drive everyone crazy while singing this song.
  • "Money (That's What I Want)": Let's just say it's perfect for Yosemite Sam.
  • "Tiny Toon Apprentice": Buster and Bugs work on a new cartoon creator machine.
47-147 May 3, 1996 CJP-134 "Top Toon Tips From Bugs & Daffy"

Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy offer the Acme Looniversity students on how to make their mark in cartoons.

  • "10 Short Films About Wakko Warner": Ten films about Wakko Warner being his "zany-to-the-max" self.
  • "A Figment of My Animation": Bugs, Daffy and Wakko teach the viewers on how to create animated cartoons.
48-148 May 10, 1996 CJP-160 "The Unnaturals" Bugs and Daffy are coaching the junior baseball team as they made it to the championship after a successful season. However, a rival school, EMCA Evil Academy, come in and challenge them for the trophy! After every player has been injured for the junior Acme team, Wakko is their only hope. He brings in his gags to defeat their opponents, who, by the dismay of the crowd, chicken out of the championship. First episode with Charles Adler as Buster. Charles Adler would become the official voice of Buster starting in the 4th season.
49-149 May 17, 1996 CJP-143 "Looney Fairy Tales"

Wraparounds: Two popular fairy tales are given a modern retelling, Bugs 'n Daffy style.

  • "Buster and the Beanstalk": Buster is given three magic beans and a beanstalk grows in his backyard. He, Wakko and Bugs, as well as Daffy, must save the goose that laid the golden egg while avoiding a Yosemite Sam giant.
  • "Bear Necessities": Fifi is the Goldilocks in this modern retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Cameos by Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, The Warners, Rita and Runt, Pinky and the Brain.
50-150 May 24, 1996 CJP-144 "Who Bopped Bugs and Daffy?" A jealous cartoon character, Droopy's rival Spike, tries to eliminate Bugs and Daffy and steal their Academy Awards. Luckily, The Warners and the Tiny Toons are finding the right pieces to the puzzle.
51-151 May 31, 1996 TMS-163 "The Return of the Looney Tunes Zone"

Another version of The Looney Tunes Zone, this time with Yakko as the host.

  • "Real Toons Don't Eat Chicken": Bugs is a futuristic detective on the case of the missing droids.
  • "Halloween Dreams": Wakko and Plucky stay in a haunted mansion.
  • "Duck Dodgers, Jr.": Plucky is Duck Dodgers' new, eager, young space cadet.
52-152 June 7, 1996 ST-161 "The Warner Bros. Shopping Show"

Wraparounds: Bugs & Daffy host their own shopping show.

  • "Artistic Values #1": Plucky teaches the viewers about artistic values. Cameos by Rita and Runt
  • "Platinum Gold of Treasure": The toons battle for a fortune of golden coins. Cameos by Yoyo Dodo (from Porky in Wackyland), Michigan J. Frog, Superman, Minerva Mink, Sylvester Jr., Baby Plucky Duck and Baby Bugs.
  • "I Was A Teenage Warnersitter": Fifi babysits Wakko Warner, despite Wakko's objections.
53-153 June 14, 1996 W-157 "Toonenstein" Bugs and Daffy learn that the myth of Toonenstein is true, but don't want the younger toons to find out. Buster knows that Toonenstein is real and joins Bugs and Daffy to disprove the rumor. Unfortunately, when they find the mummy's tomb, they are in for a big surprise. Cameos by Ralph the Security Guard, Tom & Jerry, Marvin the Martian and Fetch from Histeria!.
54-154 June 21, 1996 W-159 "French Louvres Are We In Two"

Wraparounds: Visiting a French museum with the Warners is not as it seems.

  • "That's Art Folks!": Wakko teaches the viewers about legendary artists and their paintings.
  • "French Romance": Pepe Le Pew tries to get the attention from Penelope Pussycat. Cameo by Fifi La Fume.
  • "So Much in Paris": Bugs avoids hungry tourists while finding a gift for Lola Bunny's birthday.
55-155 June 28, 1996 W-162 "Viewer's Request Week"

Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy read their weekly fan mail.

  • "Luck of the Irish": The Warners travel to Ireland to find a lucky leprechaun. Cameo by Minerva Mink.
  • "Show Business Is Sweet": Bugs and Daffy battle against each other once again in a televised talent show.
  • "Welcoming The Warners": A new trio tries to run the Warner siblings out of the show.
56-156 July 5, 1996 AC-156 "Warner Bros.' Wide World of Sports"
  • "Field of Dreams": Wakko builds a baseball field of dreams for the Acme Looniversity baseball team.
  • "Buster's New Jersey": After his old basketball jersey is stolen, Buster must find a new one before the game.
  • "Summer Toon-lympics": The boys and girls compete in various summer sporting events. Cameo by Baby Bugs.
57-157 July 12, 1996 ST-139 "Random Toonin' In"
  • "The Curse of the Black Knight!": When Plucky steals the Black Knight's suit of armor, the real Black Knight decides to teach him a lesson.
  • "Puddy Tats Everywhere": Tweety and Jerry team up to outsmart Tom and Sylvester, but the cats later catch up to their little game.
  • "The Warner Bros.": A parody of The Wayans Bros. featuring Yakko and Wakko Warner.
58-158 July 19, 1996 TMS-153 "Viewer's Choice"

Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy choose the most-popular cartoons for the viewers.

  • "Draculee, Draculaa": The Warners stay in a mansion in Transylvania, which they have mistaken for Pennsylvania. While in Transylvania, they annoy Count Dracula to no end whatsoever. Cameos by Buster Bunny and Taz.
  • "Fifi at the Mall": Fifi's love for Wakko goes too far when she is locked in the mall with him, Yakko and Dot.
  • "Hold the Ketchup": Plucky runs around town to get ketchup and mustard for his hot dogs and fries.
59-159 July 26, 1996 RDS-151 "Heroic Tales of Brave Toonsters"

Wraparounds: A William Shakespeare-style episode of Bugs 'n Daffy, telling heroic tales of the Toonsters.

  • "The Missing Jewels": Bugsy Domes (Bugs) and Ducksom (Daffy) go searching for the queen's (Lola) missing jewels with Yosemitory (Yosemite Sam) as their prime suspect. Cameos by Michigan J. Frog, Plucky Duck and Baby Bugs.
  • "Noble Toons of Olde Mahattan": Bugs, Yakko and The Brain bring nobility to Olde Mahattan.
  • "Day of Knight": Sir Bugs and Sir Daffy go on a quest to save Lola and Melissa from a dragon. Cameos by Minerva Mink, Babs and Buster Bunny, Pinky and The Brain.
60-160 August 2, 1996 CNS-158 "Fifi La Fume: Le Skunk De Pew"

Wraparounds: Fifi is upset that Bugs and Daffy star in all of the episodes and demands she gets one for herself.

  • "Fifi La Fume Meets The Pink Panther": The Pink Panther and Cool Cat hang out with Fifi for a day. Cameos by Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, The Warners, Babs Bunny and Pinky and the Brain.
  • "Let's Do Warners": Fifi allows Plucky to go with her to the Warner WaterTower as long as he doesn't complain about the Warners. The Warners take advantage of the situation by annoying Plucky until he can't stand no more.
  • "Opera Is Such Sweet Music": Fifi, Wakko, Yakko, Buster and Babs star in an opera while Dot and Shirley translate the lyrics to the opera, albeit comedic translations for the laughs.
61-161 August 2, 1996 CNS-164 "New Cartoon Character Day"

Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy audition new characters to appear on the show.

  • "The Warner Sisters":.....give a performance for the Warner Brothers and Sister. (Hello Nurse!)
  • "The Return of Duck Twacy": Daffy Duck becomes Duck Twacy once again to help Melissa Duck find her own droid in the futuristic Acme Acres.
62-162 August 9, 1996 RDS-146 "Here's Porky!"

Wraparounds: Porky is featured in parodies of famous TV intros.

  • "Milk 'n Money": Porky helps Buster get a job serving milk to cats, including Furball.
  • "China Jones": Daffy is an Irish detective, trying to solve a mystery but ends up getting stuck in Porky's laundry room.
  • "Drawn, Buttered and Flavored": Porky tries to cook a lobster for an adoring public
63-163 August 16, 1996 W-147 "No Toon Is An Island" Bugs, Daffy, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Buster and Babs end up stranded on an island.
64-164 August 23, 1996 W-150 "K-Warner TV" A collection of TV parodies featuring the Bugs 'n Daffy cast. Final episode to feature Jeff Bergman as Daffy Duck. Starting with Bugs 'n Daffy's 65th Anniversary Special, Joe Alaskey became the official voice of Daffy Duck.
65-165 August 30, 1996 CJP-165 "Bugs 'n Daffy's 65th Anniversary Special" A "live" special that highlights Bugs and Daffy's career in the Looney Tunes series, from their official debuts to their world-famous team-ups and rivalry as well as their breakout points that solidified them as popular Warner Bros. stars. Behind the scenes, though, a mysterious adversary is plotting their demise. Guest appearances by Pinky and the Brain, Babs and Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck, Sylvester, Tweety, Porky Pig, Dizzy Devil, Fifi La Fume, Taz, Bosko, Goopy Geer, Foxy, Roxy, Foghorn Leghorn and Yosemite Sam.

Season 2 (1997-1998)

Season 2 premiered on November 28, 1997. One episode, The Return of Duck Dodgers, aired as episode 75, first airing on The Daffy Duck Show.

Episode Number Original Airdate Production Code Title Plot
66-201 November 28, 1997 A-168 "Looney Toon Telethon"

Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy ask viewers for pledges to give to local charities.

  • "It's All Related": Fifi's date with Wakko is prevented by a visit by her sister, which humiliates her.
  • "Guard A Life": Plucky tries to become a junior lifeguard at the local pool. Cameos by Baby Bugs, Calamity Coyote, Rita and Runt, Cool Cat and Ralph the Security Guard.
  • "Teleportation Techniques": Bugs explains the way of using a time machine properly. Cameo by Baby Bugs.
67-202 December 5, 1997 CJP-167 "It's A Warneroonie Bugs 'n Daffy Christmas Special" The Looney Tunes have a problem since Bugs Bunny is considering quitting Bugs 'n Daffy. It started after Bugs began a holiday special being audienced by TV executives. After being excluded from the show for being late, Yosemite Sam sabotaged Bugs' efforts, made him look like a failure and replaced him as the star of the Bugs 'n Daffy show. Before Bugs can throw himself out of the picture, his guardian toon angel shows him the consequences of the TV show if he never was the star in the first place. Bugs later changes his mind and takes his place back as the star. Cameos by Gogo Dodo, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, The Tasmanian Devil, Foghorn Leghorn, Dr. Scratchensniff, Minerva Mink and Pinky and the Brain.
68-203 December 5, 1997 A-169 "Elephant Issues"

Wraparounds: Wakko explains the dangers of peer pressure, or at least outright parodying it.

  • "Why Gogo Avoids Pressure": Gogo Dodo avoids trying to do stupid dares. Cameo by Wile E. Coyote.
  • "Bugs Bunny's Guide To Smart Learning": Bugs learns that Plucky is forcing Buster to cheat on a major exam and Bugs decides to speak to Buster about the dangers of cheating. Cameos by Baby Bugs, Fifi La Fume and Yakko Warner.
  • "One Sugar Rush": Fifi, Wakko and Plucky battle each other to see who can eat the most sugar in 24 hours, though Wakko drops out before it began, Fifi and Plucky nearly eat so much sugar, they get really sick of it.
69-204 December 12, 1997 TMS-171 "The Warner Bros. Big Cartoonie Show"

Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy host a very special episode, filled with Warner Bros. laughs.

  • "C'est Amore Louvre De Warners": Bugs Bunny sets up a private class session with The Warners and Fifi La Fume, but Fifi's constant pursuing of Wakko drives him insane. To escape her, Wakko finds Pinky and the Brain, and has Fifi chasing Pinky and the Brain around the whole Acme Looniversity. Cameo appearance by Hunter from Road Rovers.
  • "A Disastrous Result": Plucky tries to work on his chemistry skills until realizing that every character has switched minds.
  • "Any Toons Necessary": Bugs and Daffy teach the young ToonStars how to use famous cartoon gags when the time is really necessary. This cartoon was first shown before Space Jam in 1996.
70-205 December 19, 1997 CJP-166 "Bugs 'n Daffy's Christmas Cartoons"

Wraparounds: A special Christmas episode featuring examples of enjoying the holiday spirit.

  • "A Looney Tunes Christmas Carol": A Looney Tunes version of A Christmas Carol. Features nearly every character of the Bugs 'n Daffy cast. One of the rare episodes to feature a musical number by all of the characters.
  • "Little Drummer Warners": The Warners decide to jazz up The Little Drummer Boy with a new twist. Cameo by Bugs Bunny.
  • "Toon To The World": The Bugs 'n Daffy stars perform Joy To The World in really Warneroonie ways.
71-206 December 26, 1997 A-170 "The Laws of Cartoon Physics"

Wraparounds: Wile E. Coyote teaches the class the laws of cartoon physics.

  • "Be Careful What You Wish For!": Fifi wishes that Wakko would like her more, but later gets annoyed with Wakko's newfound affection for her. Cameo appearances by Damey Wayne, Freakazoid, Bugs Bunny, Yakko Warner, Hunter from Road Rovers, Fetch from Histeria!, Pinky and the Brain. This episode was included in a Valentine's Day clip show episode.
  • "Royalty Pains": Yakko learns that he is the heir to a new empire, Toonklahoma. Cameo appearances by Ami and Yumi from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, making this segment notable as Puffy AmiYumi's earliest appearance on a Warner Bros. series.
  • "Take Over The World (At Last!)": Pinky and the Brain finally complete their plan of taking over the world, then feel guilty about getting rid of the inhabitants of Looney Tunes Land. Cameo appearance by The Goodfeathers.
72-207 January 2, 1998 TMS-179 "Warner Cable TV"

Having learned that the Warners have caught the Taiwan Flu, the toons decide to watch their new Warner Cable TV with them. They watch "The Bugsy and Duckwinkle Show", a "Juice Loops" commercial, "The Skunk Who Thought She Could Swim", "Brainy", "The Story of Yosemite Sam", "Looneywood Squares", Skunkanne", "Warner Boy Jeans", "The Wakkosby Show" and "Solved Mysteries".

73-208 January 9, 1998 TMS-163 "The Warners Go Hawaiian" The Warners put a halt to Daffy's show since not all of the characters were featured. They go to Steven Spielberg's office and helped all of the characters get decent parts. The show goes on despite Buster's dislike of flight. The Warners have a hard time with their flight and arrival to Hawaii, due to Ralph trying to capture them. Yakko however is using Bugs' gold card. The Warners have a great time at Hawaii and enjoy their holiday until the show ends and Steven has another show in store for them.
74-209 January 16, 1998 TMS-172 "Love Disconnection"

Wraparounds: Bugs hosts the game show 'Love Disconnection'.

  • "My Dinner With Fifi - Part 1": Yakko and Dot learn that Dr. Scratchensniff has set Wakko up on a date with Fifi La Fume, then Wakko unwillingly takes Fifi to a restuarant where he is teased.
  • "My Dinner With Fifi - Part 2": Wakko and Fifi go to the cinema, watching the least popular movie rated by the Warners themselves, 'Looney Love Stories'. Wakko changes his attitude when Fifi kisses him at the end of the date.
  • "The Amazing Three": Tired of their friends' immature habits, Babs, Fifi and Dot decide to go to the Perfecto Prep Senior Dance to date older guys. The party is cut short when Dot, who gets covered in punch, explodes in a supernatural electrical rage, a la Carrie.
75-210 February 13, 1998 CJP-179 "The Return of Duck Dodgers"

After a ridiculous attempt to establish his own show, Daffy wants to be in the newest Warner Bros. blockbuster movie of his own character, Duck Dodgers. He goes with Porky to the studio to talk with Chuck Jones and Tim Burton. With difficulty they make it to his office. Chuck Jones likes Daffy's enthusiasm, but Tim Burton is not willing to give Daffy a screen test, so Daffy easily manages to convince them. Daffy and Porky ready themselves with their costumes and props from Duck Dodgers. His screen test is a disaster, but he gets the part. At the studio, Daffy realizes that he is being used as a stunt duck and quits to resume his previous show. This episode was originally the pilot for Daffy Duck's own series.

76-211 February 20, 1998 TMS-184 "Daffy Kon Ducki"
  • "The Voyage of the Kon Ducki": To prove that his great ancestors never flew from Yap to Salinas, Daffy Dumas Kon Ducki gets Koom-Pork-Ya and his parrot to build a ship and sail the seas in 21 days. The journey is pretty difficult that Kon Ducki keeps switching his leadership with Koom-Pork-Ya. They get caught in a storm, but are washed ashore to Salinas.
  • "The Making of Kon Ducki": Bugs narrates the making of the Kon Ducki movie, written, directed and produced by Daffy Duck.
77-212 February 27, 1998 ST-185 "Henry Youngman Day"

Wraparounds: In Daffy Duck's absence, Henry Youngman (in caricature as an actual hen) is teaching the class, making everyone in the classroom bored.

  • "Stand-Up and Deliver": The Warners battle Roderick and Rhubella Rat on 'Open Mic' night. When Buster and Babs notice that Roderick and Rhubella have been cheating, they try to embarass them on the stage.
  • "The Early Years": Daffy Duck reminisces on his misadventures as a young duckling, including one scenario at a Mighty Ducks basketball game. Cameo appearances by Pepe LePew, Slappy Squirrel and Buster Bunny.
  • "Lame Joke": Buster is disappointed that his joke is lame, but his friends eventually figure out what is funny about it.
78-213 March 27, 1998 RDS-177 "Sepulveda Boulevard" Yosemite Sam is in a mess. Five years ago, he tried to plagarize Daffy Duck's script and hid in the Acme Acres mansion Sepulveda Boulevard, resided by Lola Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety Bird from the '30s. Sam's stay becomes a torment until he formulated a plan to steal Lola's script ideas. After months of work between Lola's constant torment, Sam finally finished. Porky delivered it to the Warner Bros. Studio, but Daffy entitled it as his own. At the studio, Sylvester was picked to star in a new production. That night, Lola realizes that she'd been duped and disposed of Sam in the gutter where Sam started his story. Lola's filming is cut short. Sam, Lola and Daffy go after Cooper DaVille, who stole their entire life's work.
79-214 May 1, 1998 TMS-178 "Thirteensomething" The Looney Tunes gang are going to watch TV tonight and Lola's choice of Thirteensomething is decided, much to the guys and Dot's dismay. Babs decides to audition for Thirteensomething on a bet with Buster. Babs reaches New York, while Bugs and the others fail to find a replacing co-star. Babs disguises herself as a lady named Babs Bunniwalskioversmith to audition and wins the part. Despite the fame, Babs begins to miss her Bugs 'n Daffy co-stars, and vice versa. During the next show taping, Bugs, Daffy, Buster and Lola all show up. They and Babs all divulge their true identities before they make their escape.
80-215 May 15, 1998 ST-182 "Americana Week"

Wraparounds: Bugs and Daffy explain important events in a historical context.

  • "Four Score and Seven Toons Ago": Abraham Lincoln is having a tough time with a new speech for the Gettysburg Address. He calls in Bugs and Daffy to help him out, and they begin some "really Warneroonie" ways to spice up the Address. Guest appearances by Pinky and the Brain.
  • "Heroes of Truth and Justice": In 1955, Yakko, Wakko and Dot team up with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks to stand up for African American rights on the Alabama bus boycott.
  • "Don't Tread On Us": Pinky and the Brain plot to replace Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence with Brain's Declaration of Obedience, which will make him emperor. Cameo appearance by Elmer Fudd.

NOTE: This episode was produced in the same vein as Histeria!, which would premiere on The WB Network later that same year. In the wraparounds, Father Time appears to help Bugs and Daffy with historical tidbits.

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