List of Characters Appearing in Izzy Izumi is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. These are the list of Main and Minor characters appearing in the 2002 TV Show: Izzy Izumi.

Main Characters

Izzy Izumi

  • Izzy Izumi is the main

Shun Kazami

Amy Mizuno

  • Amy Mizuno is Izzy's married girlfriend and


  • Genki is Izzy and Amy's son and


Melvin McCellbellum

Molly Baker

Yoshi Fujieda

Kazuma Kuwabara

Marcus Damon

Kristy Damon

Kaname Chidori

  • Kaname Chidori is Marcus' married girlfriend and

Morty Manta

  • Morty Manta is the son of Marcus and Kaname and

Jeremy Tsurugi

Runo Misaki

The Poi Brothers

Kae Izumi

Masami Izumi

Minor Characters

Mizuho Kazami


Puffy Angel

Sho Tenma

Tori Meadows

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