List of Characters Appearing in The Adventures of Tai Kamiya is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. These are the list of Main and Minor characters appearing in the 2000 TV Show: The Adventures of Tai Kamiya.

Main Characters

Tai Kamiya

  • Tai Kamiya is the main protagonist of the show and a smart guy. He is the leader of the Digi Destined and strives to become a better boy. He is knowing for some good times since his first day and now he's all prepped up for action with his partner Digimon called Agumon. He is voiced by Joshua Seth.

Kari Kamiya

  • Kari Kamiya is the younger sister of Tai and another member of the Digi Destined. She is a good girl who strives to be like her brother. She owns a partner Digimon called Gatomon and is known for falling in love with T.K.. She is voiced by Lara Jill Miller.

Serena Tsukino

  • Serena Tsukino is Tai's married girlfriend and the leader of the Sailor Scouts. She is a blonde haired girl who knows how to handle herself. She has a pet cat named Luna and wears her An Unnatural Phenomena outfit complete with no tan tights on. She is voiced by Terri Hawkes.

Rini Tsukino

  • Rini is the daughter of Tai and Serena. She is the famous girl who is known as Sailor Mini Moon. She has a pet cat named Diana (which is the daughter of Luna) and wears the outfit that's from Chibiusa 2. She is voiced by Tracey Hoyt.

Joe Kido

  • Joe Kido is Tai's best friend and another member of the Digi Destined. He and his partner Gomamon are best buddies ever since. He is shown to have a brother named Jim Kido and is happy to feel free with him. He also knows about being average. He is voiced by Michael Lindsay.

Mina Aino

  • Mina Aino is Joe's married girlfriend and another blonde haired girl. She is another Sailor Scout who strives to be Sailor Venus. She owns a pet cat named Artemis (Luna's love interest) and wears her Cherry Blossom Time outfit with no tan tights on. She also learns to be friends with Serena. She is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern (who also voices Mel Blake from The Adventures of Ash Ketchum and Annie Roberts from Ritchie).


  • Carrie is the daughter of Joe and Mina. She is a kindergartner who strives to be like Mina. She is first seen threatened by some bullies and injured as Patricia Haruna forces Mina to stay with Zak Saturday (from Keegan) and Knuckles (from Lara's Greatest Adventures). She is now a casually perfect girl and loves to be pretty. She is voiced by Norma Dell'Agnese.

Gourry Gabriev

  • Gourry Gabriev is


  • Yukina is

Matt Ishida

  • Matt Ishida is Tai's main rival and the most famous member of the Digi Destined. He is the best guy and he and Gabumon are both partners. He is families with Nancy Takaishi and Hiroaki Ishida and is brothers with T.K.. He also knows about good friendships with other rivals. He is voiced by Michael Reisz (who also voices James Rogers).

Raye Hino

  • Raye Hino is Matt's married girlfriend and Serena's main rival. She is the most popular member of The Sailor Scouts and is sisters with Mika Cassidy. She remembers Serena, Mina, Lita and Amy's fall to Catzi of The Negamoon Sisters and is forced by Patricia Haruna to stay with Ash Ketchum (from The Adventures of Ash Ketchum), Brock (from The Legend of Brock) and Nelson (from Alex Davis) for the rest of the night. But Vegeta (Goku's rival, also from The Legend of Brock) and Mushra (Bucky's friend, from Andreas) drag her out. Now she wears her Rubeus Evens The Score outfit complete with red tights. She is voiced by Katie Griffin (who also voices Jacqueline Adair of the Wolfpack).


  • Shippo is Rini's love interest. He is the son of Matt and Raye who learns to be average. He is prepped up for action and learning to be a better kid. He can be practical and wonderful. He is voiced by Jillian Michaels.

T.K. Takaishi

  • T.K. Takaishi is Kari's married boyfriend and Matt's brother. He is the most popular member of the Digi-Destined who he and Patamon are partners. He is known to be a better guy and is a conquered kid of all. He is voiced by Doug Erholtz.

Chiyo Mihama

  • Chiyo Mihama is the daughter of Kari and T.K. and one of these Azumanga characters. She is one cool redheaded girl who learns to be fully casual. She is in love with Natalie's brother Ryan Blackstone and is shown to be awesome. She is voiced by Jessica Boone.

Sammy Tsukino

  • Sammy Tsukino is the brother of Serena and an average boy. He is known to be a better boy and is in love with Mika. He has a better idea of making someone faithful. He also learns to be cool. He is voiced by Julie Lemieux.

Mika Cassidy

  • Mika Cassidy is the girlfriend of Sammy and the sister of Raye. She is from Dangerous Dollies and is first seen with Yoshiko. She is one cool girl who is now like an average kid. She is voiced by Kathy Laskey.

Yuuko Kamiya

  • Yuuko Kamiya is the mother of both Tai and Kari and the most famous lady on earth. She is shown to be a caring woman and knows to be awesome. She is married to Susumu and is knowing to be happier. She is voiced by Dorothy Elias-Fahn.

Susumu Kamiya

  • Susumu Kamiya is the husband of Yuuko and the father of Tai and Kari. He is known for having lots of jobs and is proving to be a cool man. He likes to do anything like a father figure. He knows anything and learns to be average. He is voiced by Doug Erholtz.

Illene Tsukino

  • Illene Tsukino is the mother of both Serena and Sammy and the blue haired woman. She is shown to be professional and learns to be with Ken. She is known for her happy days and is caring for someone. She is voiced by Barbera Radecki.

Ken Tsukino

  • Ken Tsukino is the husband of Illene and the father of Serena and Sammy. He is a good man in glasses (like Zachary Evans' father Steven) and is the most goodliest person who ever knows. He is known to have a better time. He is voiced by David Huband.

Mikey Kudo

  • Mikey Kudo is

Yui Hirasawa

Ryo Akiyama


Minor Characters

Tohru Honda

  • Tohru Honda is Tai's total crush and

Darien Phillips

Flint Hammerhead

  • Flint Hammerhead is Carrie's love interest and the most adoptive boy of all. He's a cave warrior who wants to be like anyone. He owns many time shifters and is proven to be a better kid. He is voiced by R. Martin Klein.

Naru Narusegawa


Keiko Yukimura

Andrew Foreman

J.P. Shibayama

Fraw Bow

Jim Kido

Rei Ayanami

Cody Hida

Tsukasa Hiiragi

Tommy Himi

Kagami Hiiragi

Takuya Kanbara

Tomo Takino

Koji Minamoto

Koichi Kimura

Lina Inverse

Osaka Kasuga

Ryan Blackstone


Catherine Deneuve

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