List of Characters from Alex Davis is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.

Main Characters

Alex Davis

  • Alex Davis is the main protagonist of the series and a british kid from Cherrygrove City. He is a smart person who cares about everything. His main outfit consists of: an orange headband, a black short sleeved shirt, green pants and blue and white sneakers. He seems to develop a crush on Chigusa and learns to do skills. He is voiced by Kayzie Rogers.


  • Jamie is a Sailor Moon character and Alex Davis' older brother. He is a volleyball person who likes to win tournaments. His main outfit consists of: a green and purple gym shirt with long sleeves, green and purple gym shorts and white sneakers. He seems to have a crush on Mutsumi Otohime. He is voiced by ???

Miss Clavel

  • Miss Clavel is the mother of Alex Davis. She is one good person who cares about friendships. She wears a nun outfit. She also seems to be a kind person. She is voiced by ???


  • Chigusa is


  • Terri is

Kyle Hamm

  • Kyle Hamm is Terri's brother. He


  • Tyson is


  • McKenzie is

Dorie Goodwyn

  • Dorie Goodwyn is


  • Bugsy is

Zoey Hanson

  • Zoey Hanson is

Hop Koopa

  • Hop Koopa is

Bully Koopa

  • Bully Koopa is

Hip Koopa

  • Hip Koopa is

Abby Waterman

  • Abby Waterman is


  • Nelson is


  • Jenaro is


  • Sumomo is

Kurt Wagner

  • Kurt Wagner is Alex Davis' main rival. He

Gwen Stacy

  • Gwen Stacy is


  • Madison is


  • Hal is

Minor Characters

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