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These are a list of Danny Phantom episodes.


These are episode summaries of Danny Phantom.

Season 1

Mystery Meat

Parental Bonding

One Of A Kind

Attack of the Killer Garage Sale

Splitting Images

What You Want

Bitter Reunions

Prisoners of Love

My Brother's Keeper

Shades of Gray

Fanning the Flames

Teacher of the Year


Public Enemies

Fright Knight

Maternal Instinct

Lucky in Love

Life Lessons

The Million-Dollar Ghost

Control Freaks

Season 2

Memory Blank

Doctor's Disorders

Pirate Radio

TV Movie: Reign Storm

Identity Crisis

The Fenton Menace

TV Movie: The Ultimate Enemy

===The Fright Before Christmas=== 

Secret Weapons

Flirting With Disaster


Beauty Marked

King Tuck

Masters of all Time

TV Movie: Reality Trip

Double Cross My Heart

Kindred Spirits

Season 3

Eye for an Eye

Danny and Vlad’s game of revenge begins with childish pranks, and unfortunately for Danny, ends when Vlad decides to run for mayor of Amity Park. By overshadowing voters, Vlad wins the election in a landslide. The new mayor is eager to use his new power to make life as miserable as possible for Danny and his friends. He shuts down the Nasty Burger, outlaws technology, creates new school uniforms, and passes so many new laws in the name of “protecting the children” that Danny finds it impossible to go ghost. He even turns the townsfolk against Danny Phantom by painting him as an evil ghost. Completely outmaneuvered, Danny must find a way to outsmart Vlad and get back some of his freedom or Danny Phantom’s career may be over.

Infinite Realms

Girl's Night Out

Torrent of Terror

Forever Phantom

Urban Jungle

Livin Large

Boxed Up Fury

The Box Ghost is tired of being unappreciated and ignored. He raids his warehouse for some boxes that might help him with his wimpy image, but none of the new boxes he unleashes scare anyone. Frustrated, he sneaks into a forbidden area of the Ghost Zone to steal the mythical Pandora’s box. Soon, the Box Ghost is feared by all, because every time he opens Pandora’s box a new evil attacks Amity Park. Each evil is worse than the one before. Danny must track down the box’s owner, Pandora, a colorful old woman who doesn’t take any sass from anyone. With Pandora’s help, Danny works to put the Box Ghost back in his place.


It’s a whole new world for Danny Fenton – he’s getting A’s, he’s the quarterback of the football team, he and Tucker are best pals with Dash, and Sam is his girlfriend – and then he wakes up from a nap. He finds himself wearing a strange headset and floating in the far reaches of the Ghost Zone. He frees himself and heads home to find that Amity Park’s been conquered by Nocturn, the ghost of sleep. Danny manages to wake Sam, Tucker and Jazz, and together they set out to conquer this new, powerful ghost. While Tucker and Jazz set about destroying the machine that’s keeping everyone asleep, Danny and Sam overshadow a sleeping Nocturn and invade his dreams.

Claw Of The Wild

Danny, Sam and Tucker are off to camp, but only Sam is excited about spending time outdoors. She even puts on a happy face when the camp turns out to be a creepy, run-down dump. Before everyone adjusts to their surroundings, Mikey runs in claiming a monster in the woods snatched his friend. Danny, Sam and Tucker explore the woods and capture the beast. Unfortunately, the next morning, Dash claims a monster ate Kwan, and then Paulina realizes Starr is missing too. Pretty soon, Danny, Tucker and Sam are forced to split up and no matter how many ghost monsters they catch, there always seems to be more.


Danielle Phantom is back! Only this time, she’s being hunted by Valerie who’s been tricked by Vlad Masters into thinking the ghost girl is evil. And once Valerie has Dani under her control, she uses her to capture her more powerful cousin, Danny Phantom. When Danny wakes up to find himself under Valerie’s control, he begs her to release him so that he can save Danielle. At first, Valerie doesn’t want to listen, but Danny is able to convince her that Danielle’s human side is worth saving. Valerie frees the ghost boy and the two head off to rescue Dani. In the process of their adventure, Valerie learns that Vlad is not the selfless millionaire he seems to be, and she ends up turning her back on her benefactor and becomes a ghost-hunting free agent.

TV Movie: Phantom Planet

Danny defeats Plasmius in an outer space battle, prompting him to exact revenge. Plasmius creates Masters’ Blasters – a team of hip ghost fighters whose amazing prowess renders Danny Phantom unnecessary. Danny sees the Fenton Portal partially dismantled and fears that his powers may be taken away. As a stunned Sam, Tucker and Jazz look on, Danny Phantom becomes Danny Fenton – permanently! Simultaneously, Masters’ Blasters prove they are too good to be true. And to make matters worse, Vlad’s earlier antics in space have accidentally dislodged a giant asteroid which is now headed directly for earth. As countries across the globe unite to save the planet, Vlad steps forward and reveals that he is Vlad Plasmius. He offers to turn the asteroid intangible provided the people of earth pay him billions of dollars and appoint him their supreme ruler. However, the asteroid is made of ecto-ranium, an element harmful to ghosts, and Vlad can’t touch it, much less turn it intangible. Danny has an idea and attempts to secure the assistance of all his ghostly enemies by battle. He uses the ghosts’ energy blasts to reignite his latent ghost DNA and Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom once more. He manages to convince the ghosts that saving the earth means saving the ghost zone, and then leads the charge as the ghosts return with him to save the planet from impending doom.

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